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writing a formal complaint letter

No description

Nguyệt Ngơ

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of writing a formal complaint letter

Writing a formal complaint letter
Task 2
Complete the letter with the more formal of the two phrases.
Free writing
Write 120-180 words, organized in four paragraphs (reason for writing, details of the problems, conclusion I request for action) to complain about a bad experience you had in an expensive hotel last week.

Use a formal style (no contractions or colloquial expressions).

Task 1
Jumble paragraphs
1 Who is the letter to?
2 Why is Joseph writing?
3 What is his suggestion?

1 I am writing
2 on many occasions
3 pleasant
4 on this particular evening
5 an extremely rude
6 refused to
7 will not do so again
8 unacceptable treatment
9 Yours faithfully

Organization of a complaint letter
1, Opening
4. Closing
Head Office 14 Hampden Crescent
Cafe Royale Cheltenham
7 Charlton Road Gloucestershire
Milton Keynes GL50 lOVE

Dear Sir I Madam,

(1)I am writing to complain about a meal my family and I had in the Cafe Royale restaurant in Market Square last Saturday night.

We have eaten in this restaurant (2) _______ and the background music has always been very low and (3)_______ . However, (4) _______ the music was terribly loud, almost deafening. When the waiter took our order, I asked him politely if he could turn the music down, which he did.

However, while we were eating our main course, the music was turned up again and we could hardly hear ourselves speak. This time I asked to see the manager. She spoke to us in (5)_______ and unfriendly manner. She told us that we were the only customers who had ever complained about the music and (6) _______ turn it down. As a result, we were so angry we decided to leave without having dessert or coffee.

I have eaten in other branches of Cafe Royale all over the country, but I (7) _______ unless I receive an explanation and apology for the (8) ______ we received.
I am looking forward to your reply,

Joseph Clements

2, Problems
2.2. Effect
3. Solutions + Warning
1. No contradictions in formal letters e.g. I am writing.

Differences between formal and informal letters
3. Dear Sir I Madam should be used instead Dear Manager (even if we do not know the person's name)
Differences between formal and informal letters
4.Finish with Yours sincerely if you know the name of the person. If not, use Yours faithfully.
Task 3
Change the bold words/ phrases into more formal forms of expression.

1 I am writing
2 condition of the yard
3 a great deal of lilter
4 it may be possible for you to/perhaps
5 in addition
6 in conclusion/finally
7 I am looking forward to your reply
8 Your sincerely

Last week, you had a bad experience in an expensive hotel. When you get home, you decide to write a letter to complain .
- Where did you have the experience?
- What is the problem?
- What is your solution?

New context
Differences between formal and informal letters
2. No colloquial phrases in formal letters e.g. a lots of times vs on many occasions
Differences between formal and informal letters
Underline linking words used in the letter
Use linking words to link paragraphs in the letter:
as a result, however, consequently...
- Four groups
- Give each group a set of paragraphs
- Task: rearrange those paragraphs into the a complete formal complaint letter
- 3 min.
1. Who will read the letter?
2. Why did Joseph write the letter?
3. What is his suggestion?
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