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What is Dystopian Literature

No description

Elizabeth Ries

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of What is Dystopian Literature

In the environment of the book Fahrenheit 451 everything moves fast and no one has time to slow down and think. Because of this, books are thought to be useless and a waste of time.

In the environment of
The Giver
everyone is so happy and everything seems perfect. As a result the citizens believe that all is well and everything is great, when in reality the government is hiding a big secret from them.

Dystopian Literature is writing about an imaginary place where technology and a lack of communication diminish the quality of life. Its also refers to how people can be dehumanized an manipulated by the government.
How is a Dystopian environment created or formed?
A Dystopian is formed because of:
previous conflict that creates a change in the government
limited governmental affiliation by average people
Supression of people
lack of knowledge
The use of propaganda to corupt the minds of others
What does a Dystopian society look like?
Despondent citizens/people
Oppressive technology
Corrupt government
Constant monitoring (lack of freedom)
A certain moral followed by everyone
In the book Anthem everyone is given a adjective and a number so everyone is "equal." In their society communication was viewed as a crime. This lack of communication caused people to be in a trance.
Creating a Dystopia
BY:Elizabeth Ries, Melonie Seltzer and Kailan Roberts
What is Dystopian literature?
Clip from Macintosh Commercial using references from the book "1984"
If you visited a Dystopian society here are some of the things you would see:
The book"1984" clearly demonstrates what a Dystopia looks like. Several of the characteristics of a Dystopia are presented in the book. Some of which are perpetual monitoring, depressed people and the illusion of happiness.
Picture of DIstrict 12 from "The Hunger Games"
In "The Hunger Games" sequel a Dystopian society was formed mainly due to the fact the government was superior over people. Another reason a Dystopia was formed is because hope was lost for the people so they gave in to meritocracy.
Significance of Government and Law
Divergent By:Veronica Roth
The setting of the book Divergent is in a futuristic Chicago. Their was a conflict, preliminary to the Dystopia being formed, that destroyed the entire city and peoples morals. The government stressed its authority by being strict and harsh on the people that lived there.
The Giver
BY: Lois Lowry
In the beginning of the novel the setting of The Giver is thought to be a utopia, but as the story goes on you gradually see that it is a dystopian book. The creators of this dystopia wanted to make a perfect world, in order to do that they have taken away fear, hunger, illness, pain, and hatred. Although the world seems great the citizens are ruled by strict government that controls their language, behavior, and their relationships.
Fahrenheit 451 BY:Ray Bradbury
The people that live within the book seem to be brainwashed into thinking the way the government wants them to think. The book doesn't focus on the higher government although you can tell that people in general don't think for themselves. The reason this society was created is because books were believed to har the public which caused the government to take higher action.
Examples of Dystopian text
What is the impact of Dystopia on a society?
The Government is never questioned
The Government is the utmost rulers and everyone obeys them
The majority of the citizens assumes that what the government does is right and just
The Government makes the laws and is strict about enforcing them
Scare the people into obeying them by using frequent propaganda
How does the environment shape what the society members believe?
The citizens normally don't rebel against the government
Some citizens band together to help each other survive
The government officials benefit with many resources (food and technology) from the hard work the citizens do.
For example in the Hunger Games districts made supplies and goods for the people of the capitol
Citizens are all forced to conform to the governments wishes
Citizens are usually cut off from the rest of the world
Citizens are normally blind to what is going on in their society
For example in Fahrenheit 451 citizens are brainwashed into thinking that books are inferior and destructive to the society causing them to be blind to what information books hold and whats really going on in their society
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