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Making Your Mark: Academia, Social Media, & Employability

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Nadine Muller

on 1 June 2018

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Transcript of Making Your Mark: Academia, Social Media, & Employability

The New Academic
Social Media for Researchers

What we will do ...

Bringing Your Skills to Life

Showcase writing skills
Demonstrate ability to write for variety of audiences
Prove communication skills
Showcase teaching materials
Show innovative teaching methods
Show ability to engage students
Showcase teaching experience
Awareness of current issues in higher education
Impact & Engagement

Showcase impact and engagement with non-academic audiences
Networks & Recognition
Highlight engagement with others in your field
Demonstrate esteem by other researchers
Show membership of formal professional groups
Showcase collaborative work ethic
Showcase publications and ideas
Demonstrate relevance of your research
Digital Networks
Social media can allow you to . . .
make valuable connections
enable people to see your work first-hand
establish your voice in your discipline
Digital Impact
Doing Things & Making a Difference
Contribute to and shape discussions in your discipline
Measure readership numbers
Record impact of your research
Contribute to and shape discussions in higher education
Make contact with new audiences and collaborators
Digital Issues
Some Common Concerns
Image & Privacy
Strategic Workload
The Verdict:
Social Media & Your Career
Hiring Committees
Make social media work for you.
Create Opportunities
Questions & Discussion
Social Networking
Questions & Discussion
Social Media
What we won't do ...
Social Media & Your Research
Overview of Platforms
How can social media work for you?
Social Media & Your Research
Senior Lecturer in English Literature & Cultural History



Dr Nadine Muller
What would you blog about?
About Me
About Me
Visual Platforms
Academic Blogging
Key Questions
What do you want to achieve with your blog?
Who is your target audience?
How does this effect your writing and presentation?
About Me
PhD February 2012
Arts & Humanities Research Council
Leadership Fellow (2018-2020)
Permanent Lectureship August 2012
British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (2018)
BBC / AHRC New Generation Thinker (2015)
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