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ASApp: An Appointment Scheduling Android Application I

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roselyn rodriguez

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of ASApp: An Appointment Scheduling Android Application I

1. to gather information about the processes involved in the study;
ASApp: An Appointment Scheduling Android Application
ASApp: Appointment Scheduling
Android Application

for the Department of
Information Technology
Significance of the Study
Students of the Department of Information Technology
Expected Output
Account Management
How to manage the consultation of the students despite of limited vacant hours
Difficulty in setting an appointment which leads to long waiting and waste of time of the students.
How the college or university could cope up with the trend
The specific objectives are as follow :
2. to identify and analyze the problems concerning the stakeholders with regards to the process of scheduling appointments for student's consultation with the use of the fishbone diagram;
3. to prepare the resources needed for production activities including the physical, technological, and communications resources;
4. to design an application with the use of use case diagram, data flow diagram and class diagram which will illustrate the functionalities of the system to be developed;
5. to develop an android application capable of providing online appointment scheduling with the use of Java Programming Language, Eclipse and Android Software Development Kit for the mobile app and PHP ( Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (My Structured Query Language) for the web server;
6. to evaluate the system through the use of unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing.
Instructors of the Department of Information Technology
Future Researchers
Log in
Updating of Information
Schedule Management
Appointment Processing
Add, Edit & Update of Schedules of Instructors
- Approve/ Decline Request
*Send Short Message
- Send/ Cancel Request
*Includes Time Table
Max: 5 Requests / day
Max: It depends
Time Period: 10 mins - 1 hr
1. Establish the stakeholder groups,
2. Define and agree the goals and scope, and
3. Plan the project regarding environment, personnel and process issues.
1. Gain a good overall understading of the product
2. Prepare physical, technical and human resources as well as customer communication, project plans and all critical development issues.

1. Implement the customer prioritized functionality to the product.
2. Focus on the critical core functionality
1. Test the system.
2. Provide information
3. Allow the project team, to plan fix for the found defects.
4. Fix the defects
5. Produce an error free system as posssible
System Test
& Fix
1. Finalize the implementation of the product.
2. Enhance and ensure the quality of the product
3. Finalize the documentation of the product
Thank You :)
End of Presentation . . .
Attended Appointments
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