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Jason Shill

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of blank

Why there are Torrential Downpours Knowing that Fox was often up to no good, Bunny was hesitant to give away his secrets. Fox continued to annoy him until Bunny gave into his demands. It was as if Fox forced the words out of Bunny's mouth and Bunny told Fox about the mysterious cloud in the sky. It all began a long, long time ago with a sneaky and sly Fox and a smart and sensitive Bunny Fox grew thirsty and dehydrated so he went searching for water. He searched and searched until his body grew weak. Fox collapsed and found himself laying near a bunny hole and asked the bunny for water Fox gathered up his other animal fiends and told them about the mysterious cloud. While Bunny was sound asleep Fox started his mission. One by one they followed their leader. They climbed up the tallest, and widest oak trees to get to the mysterious cloud. Fox pulled down on the string attached to the mysterious cloud and water came pouring out. At the same time Bunny awakened from a deep sleep to the falling of water droplets onto his fur Meanwhile, Fox felt re-energized and went to make an apology to Bunny, but it was too late. Bunny stood there drenched in water. This is why there are often torrential downpours of heavy rain.
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