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Innovation 101 v2

No description

Suhas Kelkar

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Innovation 101 v2

But what is innovation?
Invention is the embodiment of
something new!
Innovation is a succesful exploitation of new ideas
Invention = Cash to Ideas
Innovation = Ideas to Cash
Nikola Tesla
300 Patents!
Tesla Coil
Magnetic Field Density Unit of Mesasure (Tesla)
Thomas Edison
Motion Picture Camera
Electric Bulb!
Innovation distinguishes between a
leader and a follower. -Steve Jobs
An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved
product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method

Minimum Requirements of Innovation
- Must be new (or significantly improved!)
- Must be implemented
Four Types of Innovation
1. Product
2. Process
3. Marketing
4. Organization

Other Types of Innovation
1. Incremental
2. Radical or Disruptive

Store more watermelons, Savings on transportation costs
More space left in refrigerators for other uses
Able to differentiate and charge premium prices...
How much does a car cost?
What makes it so cheap?
1. Center console
2. Stick on side mirrors
3. Plastic in body parts
4. Fitted components
5. Many other technology
and process innovations!
Innovate on User Experience
Innovate with better technology
iPod can only do play, rewind, ff, stop

iPod + iTunes = Better User Experience
System as a whole remains same!
Build Better And Sharper Saw
Optimize Transport to Preserve Ice
Better Ice Factory Processes
None of the ice farmers became ice factory owners
Ice Factory owners did not become Refrigerator Manufacturers
Disruptive Technology has wiped out entire industries
But it's not all about technology!
Dyson Air Multiplier
And EuroStat
Don't Assume!
Question habits!
Be Creative!
Look for a Better Way!
Innovate Or Die!
Do you have to be technology
genius to innovate?

Innovation + Relavence = Impact!
MittiCool by Mansukhbhai Prajapati
1. Uses no electricity
2. Can keep fruits & veggies fresh for 8 days
3. Costs less than Rs 2500
Innovation + Relavence = Impact!
Suhas A. Kelkar
Senior Director (Incubator Team),
BMC Software
BMC Software
Cloud Lifecycle Management

Don't Assume!
Question habits!
Be Creative!
Look for a Better Way!
Innovate Or Die!
Tata Nano $2000
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