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invader zim

best show ever

mikayla burgiss

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of invader zim

GIR! He's a main character on the greatest show ever! INVADER ZIM! GIR is possibly one of the best cartoon characters you will ever see! GIR is supposed to be a SIR robot but the tallest don't like zim so they make GIR out of spare parts they found. so he becomes a disfunctional "evil" robot who helps ZIM try to destroy the earth.... it doesn't work GIR is easily distracted by various items such as cupcakes, waffles, tacos, piggies ect... So he doesn't really do what his master ZIM orders him to do. Once you watch one episode of Invader Zim. You'll fall in love with the show and GIR!!!!
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