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Josephine Baker

No description

Genny Taylor

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker
French Fame
When she was in France she quickly became famous. In 1925 she preformed her famous dance the "Banana Dance". Because of the Red Scare she was banned a communist by theU.S , she resgned her U.S citizen ship and became a citizen of France.
Josephine Baker married five men in her life time. They were:
Robert Brady (1973- 1975)(She died)
Joe Bouillon (1947-1957)(divorced)
Jean Lion (1937-1938)(divorced)
William Howard Baker (1920-1923)(divorced)
Count' Pepito di Abatino (??)

Her children
Josephine Baker adopted twelve children. There were:
Jean-Claude Baker
Mara Baker
Noel Baker
Brahim Baker
Luis Baker
Janot Baker
Jari Baker
Koffi Baker
Aiko Baker
Moise Baker
Marianne Baker
Stellina Baker
Interesting Facts
-In WWII she was a french spy.
-Her children were known as the rainbow children because of there different nationalities.
-One of her suiters who she rejected killed himself at her feet.
-in 1995 the band Fossil wrote a song about her.
-In 2003 the musical "Simenon et Josephine" It was played in Belgium.
-She was buried in Monaco, Monte Carlo
-Her nicknames were Black Venus, Tumpie, Black Pearl, and Creole Goddess.
-She had a pet cheetah named Chiquita.
Josephine Baker was in many movies. Here are the ones she was in.
Princess Tam Tam, Zouzou, Siren of the Tropics, La revue des revues, Die Frauen von Folies Bergeres, Double Headed Eagle: Hitler's Rise to Power, La folie du jour, The French Way, Moulin Rouge Le pompier des Folies Bergeres, and Ten on Every Finger.
She was born to laundress, Carries McDonald and musician, Eddie Carson in St.Luis ,MO. She started to dance in the streets for money, then she was a choures girl on the St.Luis stage. At 15 she married William Howard Baker. Then at 17 she ran away to Paris, France. Her first Job was in La revue nagre.
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