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Starchy and the Jailhouse

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Starchy and the Jailhouse

Starchy and the Jailhouse
In this Presentation
I will present you with a song
Talk about the concept of my project
Explain the concept of my project
Show you the process of this project
Artist Reference
Talk about Materials
Then Give a Conclusion
End of days by Vinnie Paz
The greatest form of control is when you think your free but you are fundamentally manipulated
With this project I wanted to portray Starchy reaching out to someone who appears dangerous but is just confined to jail/border and wants more then to be confined to that border.
Artist Reference
The presentation of the project was inspired by the Dinner for Schmucks movie
Rabbit skin
Acrylic paint
Guache paint
Adobe Illustrator
Make sure you stay simple

Let the piece speak for itself

Stay true to your personal aesthetic or unaesthetic style

The more connected to your personal life the better it connects audience with the piece

Starchy is going to be doing some solo missions but he will return He's trying to get people outside of the studio to join the collective

I'm going to be doing less conceptual pieces for next couple critiques.

One part of a dictatorship is that you can see the bars and you can touch it
Second part of being in a dictatorship is sitting in a prison and thinking you're free
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