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Special Effects Makeup

No description

Jonathon Long

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Special Effects Makeup

Special Effects Makeup
Presented to you by
David, Carlos, Jonathon, and Joshua
Special effects makeup
To entertain and scare with horror
It was originally used in ancient Egypt by Romans
Invention and Usage
The Romans used it to lighten their faces
Now it is used for horror films and also entertainment
PS: He needs to brush his teeth
Max Factor
Used in 1914
Used in Modern days
The areas of technology that best classify special effects makeup are Medical, environmental, and production
Impacting society
It has brought more people to the movie theaters which pay to see horror films.
People have become more afraid of zombies, monsters ext:
Special effects makeup
Finding the right combination of chemicals
The tools and lubricants used to make modern day horror
What would be the scariest way that they can present fantasy
How much of one chemical they should add to get the perfect design
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