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EF China Teaching Fellows

A process showing how graduate teachers will be trained and onboarded.

Ross Thorburn

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of EF China Teaching Fellows

design Needs analysis Execution September 2012 - January 2013 preparation Present - February 2013 initial stages Ongoing Onboarding & Training Process Teaching fellowship Divide needs into those which can be solved online and offline Meet existing teachers with no experience
Shadow them and listen
Find out their biggest needs February - March 2013 March 2013 - onwards Speak to other stake holders to find their needs
as well as their expectations of the training & onboarding program
List and prioritize the needs of the trainees and the other stakeholders Meet with program designers to install values which must run through the program
- exceptional customer service
- solving most basic needs first Trainee needs stakeholder needs training team needs Sep 2012 February 2013 Observe the first onboarding program Survey the participants during and after the course to measure where their needs and expectations were and where their needs were not met Interview some participants after the course for more information Interview other stakeholders after the first course to discover where their needs were met and where they were not met Online needs could include setting accurate expectations
- observing lessons
- viewing apartments http://ef-teachers.com/video/apartment-tours-in-shanghai http://ef-teachers.com/video/workshop-class Continue onboarding in schools through peer learning tasks Teachers learn teaching skills on a daily basis through
- watching online videos
- team teaching classes with more experienced peers
- teaching a lesson, practicing a skill and receiving feedback from a more experienced peer http://ef-teachers.com/video/using-routines-with-very-young-learners redesign Execution Preparation & Design First course Feedback, reflection, redesign Act on feedback from
- stakeholders
- trainees
- trainers Improve the online and offline components of the course Continue to run the course, and collect feedback, and redesign reflect train plan
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