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The Online Learning Center

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Transcript of The Online Learning Center

Sorting Through the Chaos
The Online Learning Center
Not Enough Coordination
Failure to Leverage Investments
Information Overload
System Inefficiencies
Hard to Navigate
The Online Learning Center is a resource center that empowers advocates through guided learning and a network of change agents so that livable communities become a cultural norm.
Sort through the information chaos
Provide a context and a location for information
Increase the visibility of achievements
Build a network of change agents
Offer resources to communities without resources
Extend the reach of existing efforts
Ensure program sustainability
Internship Program
Building Critical Mass
Low-Hanging Opportunities
Right-Sizing Website
Tagged Photo Library
Place Maker's Map
Infographics and Power Point Presentations
How To Video Series
Making the Case Data
Livability Solutions Tools and Resources
Mid-Range Opportunities
Walkability Workbook
How To Guides
Achievers' Stories Video Series
Livability Branding Campaign
Curriculum Development
Call Center
Internship Program
High-Hanging Opportunities
Online Learning Center
Virtual Walking Audit Survey Tool
"Snap and Map" Place Audit Mobile App
Develop the Livability Solutions Coalition
Offer Free Resources and Member Benefits
Provide An Answer to the "What's Next?" Question
Develop Tools and Customizable Toolboxes
Advance Hyper-Tracking Software
Extend the Internship Program
Key Features
Call Center
Emily Tracy, Board Member and bicyle advocate for Davis Bicycles!
"Snap and Map" Mobile App
Behind the Scenes
My Library
My Friends
Walking Audit Survey Tool
Personalized Walking Audit Survey Results
Audits Pinned to the Placemaker's Map
Tagged Photo Library Uploaded by Auditors
Shareable Links (www.seeclickfix.com)
Peer Review Program
First Review by Interns
Expert Review of Finding
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