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Mixed Races

By Kelli Ottesen

Kelli Ottesen

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Mixed Races

The Christian Science Monitor stated research
has proven the mixed races couples who later produce mixed race children are often times adapt more easily to societal norms than children of a single-race family.

The First Time I was
made aware of mixed
races was while watching
a movie starring Keira
Knightly called Domino. Impressions of Mixed Races in Society Today: Ludi Simpson, Professor of Population Studies at Manchester University Stated, "Mixed-race kids should not be seen as evidence of a looming racial apocalypse but as the reproductive consequences of a rather uplifting kind of barrier-breaking...integration tends to have a beneficial impact on the prevalence of racism." In Conclusion: I asked
a few of my friends to
share their experiences so
far as mixed-race married
couples.... Jessica Kehl Lui and Tiffany
Castro: Jennifer Miranda: Quote: "The Beauty of the Earth
is that in Today's age of EQUALITY
and PROGRESSION, we mix and
marry the various BEAUTIES of
the Earth..."--Bryan Kehl
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