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Direct Mail

No description

Nicole Jones

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Direct Mail

Background Originally Direct Mail was called Direct Advertising The first example was created 1000 B.C. Brick Mail was the second form of direct mail found in the Babylonian era. The first American direct mail piece was by William Penn in 1681 Current Applications of Direct Mail 2009: Amos & Paswan conducted a content analysis of direct mail envelopes Results: indicate that out of the six message appeals, only three have significant association with the intention to open the direct mail (DM) envelope – messages that create a feeling of importance, gratitude, and an anticipation of non-price incentive. Current Application of Direct Mail, cont'd 2012: Ishiguro and Amasaka created the “Total Direct Mail Model,” (TDDM,) which allowed them to measure and identify customer purchase data in order to statistically determine the likelihood of their repeat visits. The effectiveness of the TDMM is still unclear, and will ultimately be determined by dealerships How to Test the Effectiveness of Direct Mail Advertisers should test the offer, cost, package, copy, and mailing list by coding the mail pieces for quick identification, using a statistically significant number of sample to insure the validity of the test, and to use sufficient test quantities International Direct Mail Industry Example: China Methods of operation (1) Dominated by data company
(2) Dominated by advertising company
(3) Dominated by printing company
(4) Dominated by express company The Innovation of China's DM Products (1) Commercial Postage sheet
(2) Account bill
(3) Internet greeting and homemade cards Problems Some relevant companies pay just less attention to the DM. It will not be beneficial to DM to be excellent, strong, and enormous, as long as the industry is still monopolized by CHINA POST. There is a lack of its own features. The method of business is timeworn. At present, DM in China still uses traditional paper printing technique and the method of publishment still depend on huge-crowd strategy. IMC Direct mail has shown its ability to coexist with various digital channels, creating multichannel initiatives that efficiently saturate markets Direct Mail
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