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The Nation-State is Obsolete

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Sara Montero

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Nation-State is Obsolete

The Nation State is Dead (or Dying) The Challenges and Shortcomings of the Nation State Amanda Mathis

Claire Wolcott

Hailey Brock

Sara Montero-Buria

Dana Lee

Ben Koissaba

Ida Hadoto Team 1 The effects of globalization on the nation states Negative Externalities

National & International Law

Tax Regulations Environmental Concerns Environmental Standards

Natural Resources

Air Pollution – Carbon/Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Chemical Waste Environmental Concerns As economic interdependence grows, private governance arrangements, such as the Bank for International Settlements, are also becoming more prevalent.

Private security organizations even conduct war on behalf of states, whether as mercenaries in western African civil wars or as contractors to the US military around the world Economic Concerns Political Challenges Political Challenges People People This raises important questions about the proper site of political authority Globalization has reduced the political and governmental power of the individual nation state.

Globalization has resulted in a broad range of political issues which spill over the borders of nation-states, requiring international norm-setting and regulation, as well as consultation and formal negotiations on a global scale. Globalization has given individuals more access to information than ever before. This access to new technologies, social media, etc. has in many ways reduced the governmental and political control of nation states over individual citizens. Technology today easily penetrates state borders.

According to some theorists, there is a constantly growing dependency and interconnectedness between nation states, and many governments are becoming weaker than ever before. Political Challenges Transnational organizations with political influence like the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN,) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are beneficial to nation-states but can also result in the partial transference of sovereignty from the nation-state to the organization.

Part of the sovereignty of a nation-state takes into account the state’s ability to solve its domestic problems on its own. Problems and threats are constantly becoming more globalized, it is almost impossible for a state to act alone and be entirely independent.

Taking the increasing growth of interdependency between the states, the emergence of transnational institutions, multinationals and benevolent organizations and the integration of international laws, one can conclude that there is a declining process to the sovereignty of the nation states and the political powers they exercise. People Economy Environment Political At times multi-national investors violate human rights laws.

A good example is those managing flower farms in developing countries. In some countries where land is owned by the state, villages of people are moved without any prior notice and their land given to the investors.

The few who get jobs are exposed to health hazards due to the chemicals applied on flower gardens. People in nation states can create global awareness to issues that affect their own states and thus seeking the support of others making it both easy and fast to achieve the desired goal for example the Invisible children and the documentary that went viral creating awareness despite its inaccuracy. As a result of this, the world is on the look out for Joseph Kony and the lord’s resistance Army. Poverty, inequality and prejudice are being exposed this way.

People can create movements such as riots or campaigns within nation states that then go on to receive global attention which increases the chances of their success.

People are participating within nation states in so many different ways and therefore fostering globalization. Economic and social processes increasingly fail to conform to nation-state borders, making it increasingly difficult for states to control their territory, a central component of sovereignty. Economic Concerns
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