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iBeacon Technology

No description

Jose Burgos

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of iBeacon Technology

Estadio Monumental- Santiago
Capacity: 47,347

Estadio Nacional- Santiago
Capacity: 47,000
Estadio Omnilife- Guadalajara
Capacity: 48,850
Estadio Corona- Torreón
Capacity: 30,000
Estadio Azteca- Mexico City
Capacity: 105,000
What are some stadiums that could use iBeacon technology?
Estadio Casa Blanca- Quito
Capacity: 41,596
Soccer in Mexico:
A Big Business
Soccer in Argentina
In 2015, Chile will be hosting both
Copa America and the U-17 World
Cup. 15 stadiums will be remodeled
for these events.

Journalists and fans from all over the
world will come to cover and enjoy
both tournaments. Chile could be
the first country to use iBeacon
technology in their stadiums.

Estadio Isidro Romero- Guayaquil
Capacity: 59,283
La Bombonera- Buenos Aires
Capacity: 49,000
Lounge Area
Press Room
Food Court
Conference Room
Business Center
Club House
2015: Key Year for Soccer
112 Suites and 2 Superpalcos
Ballroom and Star Lounge
Club Bar and Lounge
Shop Santos Store
Museum and Museum VIP
Club Chivas Zone
Press Room
Press Room
During the last decade, the Mexican soccer league (Liga MX) has consistently been ranked as one of the most profitable soccer leagues in the world behind Spain, England, Germany and Italy.

In 2013, Chivas de Guadalajara, Club America, and Santos Laguna were ranked in first, third and tenth, respectively, in a list of the richest soccer clubs in Latinamerica put together by Euromericas Sport Marketing. The three clubs combined generated over US$1.2 billion.
Bar and Lounge
Press Room
VIP Room
Argentina's biggest passion is soccer: some of the world's most fervent soccer fans and spectacular club rivalries are found here. A soccer team here isn't just about sport, it's a social identity.

Camp Nou- Barcelona, Spain
Capacity: 99,354
Press Room
Food Court
Santiago Bernabeu- Madrid, Spain
Capacity: 85,454
Emirates Stadium- London, England
Capacity: 60,361
Executive Box & Club Level
Arsenal Store
Allianz Arena- Munich, Germany
Capacity: 71,437
What if soccer clubs
use iBeacon technology
in their stadiums?
Why will fans love iBeacon?
How Does it Work?

Clubs can create a separate app that only works at the stadium or they can add the iBeacon technology to their existing one.

You also might be able to purchase the tickets for the next game -discount included- directly through your phone, simply by standing by the ticket office.
Stamford Bridge- London, England
Soccer in Europe is the most profitable and richest sport there is.
Imagine getting close to the stadium and feeling a buzz in your pocket: You pull out your smart phone and your e-ticket, a map of the stadium, and directions to your seat are automatically

And as you
walk past the restaurant and shopping stores, the phone displays coupons and discounts.

The Outcome?
An unprecedented way for clubs to advertise and communicate with their fans while at the stadium.

iBeacon is a location based technology. This makes it possible for sensors to detect —within inches— how close a smartphone is.

What is iBeacon?
Two Hotels
Chelsea Mega Store

Aviva Stadium- Dublin, Ireland
Capacity: 51,700
Corporate Boxes
3 restaurants
Press Room
Real Madrid Store
Shopping Facilities
Press Club
Conference Room
$$ Revenue Generator $$
iBeacon technology can be used by soccer clubs to generate additional revenue.

It allows to ping nearby smart phones with advertisements, coupons, discounts or messages.
Yes! Your phone will alert and "talk" to you while at the stadium watching your favorite team. Cool stuff, huh?
Fans, while at the stadium, are more inclined than ever to consume. Research shows that "While watching their favorite sporting event, fans between the ages of 12 and 34 were also likely to be talking on the phone, sending email or text messages and otherwise using the Internet (72%)". Furthermore, "when asked what they were talking or messaging about, these fans noted that they were talking about/messaging about the game(s) they were watching at the time".

Therefore, clubs have an unprecedented marketing opportunity: their target market will never be closer and more engaged.

Players are the riskiest investment a soccer club can make since they have to perform and adapt quickly in order to justify their value. There are a number of factors (culture, training methodology, performance, etc.) that could affect the return on investment.

As a soccer consultant/agent, I was responsible for convincing clubs to take this risk.
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