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It's information about 15 antarctic animals WATCH IT.

honey bunny

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Antarctica

Leopard seals
Black Browed albatross
Antarctic Fur seals
Fur seals
Ross seals
Antarctic shags
Blue whale
Hi, today I'll be speaking about 15 different types of animals\species that live in the freezing continent, Antarctica.These animals will be the ones that live on land and sea.Also I'll be showing you the features of each different species.

The various [different] animals I'll speak about will be the penguins; whales; seals and birds from Antarctica. I'll begin with the topic, penguins.
Wandering albatross
A wandering albatross is a sea bird and is also in the albatross family like the black browed albatross.This specie of a albatross is called a WANDERING albatross because it wanders around the oceans for months to find food.It sleeps on the water's surface and drinks sea water.This bird's appearance is a white body,grey wings,black on the tips of the wings, a pink bill , black eyes and a little bit of black on it's back.This eats Celopods,small fish and crustaceans{crustations}[krill].

Out these penguins only four different breeds live in the cold continent Antarctica itself: the Adelaide, the Emperor, the Chinstrap and the Gentoo penguins.Most of the other species live in the sub antarctic which is to the north of the antarctic circle.

Elephant Seals
The Adelaide penguin's body is mainly black,especially on it's back, head, flippers,tail. The rest is mainly white , and slightly orange.An Adelaide penguins height is usually about 45cm-60cm.
These penguins eat Little aquatic creatures, such as krill, and they also eat fish and squid.
Adelaide penguin
Fun Fact

Bill [Beak]
Short wings helps swim[fast].
Tail, keeps it balancing.
Webbed Feet
Blubber[fat] keeps it warm.
Black feathers absorb the heat.
Barbs [spikes] in an Adelaide penguins mouth to help eat slippery prey.
Whales are huge,but they are very exclusive[hard to find].They are mammals and are warm blooded just like us.These whales are mainly black on its back and has a yellow underbelly.
Antarctica fur seals
The Orca eat krill, fish and they sometimes eat other whales.

All whales muscle's get stored with oxygen which prevents them from coming out from the water earlier.
A black browed albatross is a sea bird.This bird is mostly colored in white, with yellowish-orange webbed feet, and a shade of grey on its back and a bright yellow beak.
This bird is called a BLACK BROWED albatross because of it's conspicuous[very noticeable] eyebrows. Which gives their names.Out of all the albatross species this is one of the smaller ones.

This albatross fly's pretty low and takes food from the water's surface and normally eats krill, fish and they also eat jelly fish. Sometimes these birds go a long distance to find food.
The Emperor penguin
The Emperor penguin is the biggest and heaviest penguin of all.The measurement of a emperor penguin for a adult is about 110cm-130cm in length.This penguin has a shade of yellow on its neck and has yellow ear patches on its head,with a black back, tummy[blubber] is white , it also has a black beak with a little streak of orange and black webbed feet.This penguin normally eats fish,crustaceans{crustations} and Cephalopods though fish is what they normally eat.
Chinstrap penguin
Gentoo penguin
The chinstrap penguin is another one of the species of penguins that live in Antarctica.These penguins are carnivorous birds that's why they catch numerous[lots of species]amount of the Fish,crabs,shrimp,squid and krill they eat.
The chinstrap's appearance is a black back ,a white belly, it has pink colored feet and the top part of its head is black.There's a black line across there chin which represents their names and makes it look like as if they were wearing black helmets.The line across there gives them there name the CHINSTRAP penguin.
Snow petrel
A snow petrel is one of the birds that lives in Antarctica.This birds appearance is pure white all over and black eyes,black beak and black webbed feet.This bird is around the size of a pigeon.This bird is know as the prettiest bird from the antarctic.
Weddell seals
What it eats
This specie of a penguin is medium sized .This penguin is about 75-90cm in length when standing, but the female penguin is a little bit shorter then the male penguin .These penguins have a bright red-orange bill[beak],white eye patches (which makes it easier to tell the difference with another specie),a black back and a white tummy.They look similar to the Adelaide and chinstrap penguins.These penguins eat fish and krill.
Gentoo penguin
This antarctic bird eats mainly krill and some fish, squid and dead animals such as seals.This bird fly's high when on top of land and low when flying above the ocean.They do this for protection to keep their selves from getting taken from a another animal.
Pure white
Pure white
Pure white
These whales are really big.A male's length averages at 7m and the female, slightly shorter, at about 6.4 m long .
There are 17 different species of penguins.
Elephant seals are mammals and they are big and cumbersome[big, chunky, heavy] on land,but they are very superb[very good] swimmers and they can stay under water for 25 minutes. The elephant seal is the biggest seal out of all. The appearance of this seal is brown all over,black eyes and also brown flippers.These creatures eat squid and fish.
Weddell seals are very large animals.The female and male seals are about 3m long and they also weigh around 400-500kg.The colour of the seal is a dappled[patch's or spots]grey and black on it's back and a white belly.The head of this seal is smaller then their body.The Orca and the leopard seal are it's threats.This animal is a carnivore , that's why they eat fish,squid,octopus and prawns.
Elephant seals
This is another specie of a seal.Fur seals are the smallest seals and is closely related to dogs and sea lions.They have teeth,whiskers and thick fur which is like a dog and sea lions.Males can weigh up to 200Kg and females weigh about 40Kg.The appearance of this species is just greyish colour every where.It eats mainly fish.
Leopard seals
This is another species of seals, it is cumbersome but quite fast.They have unusual teeth which is used to strain krill.They only get to live for about 26 years.They only have one threat which is the killer whale.The appearance of this seal is a silvery-grey colour all over.Leopard seals eat smaller seals,penguins, birds,fish, squid and krill.
Unusual teeth to strain krill.
A blue whale is another specie of whales that live in Antarctica.This specie is called a blue whale because of it's blue-grey colour. It's the biggest animal on earth and is roughly 30m long and also can weigh more then 108 tonnes.The blue whale can eat over 3500 kilograms of krill a day.That means about 40 million krill's are eaten everyday by a blue whale!
Ross seals are called Ross seals because they were named after the person who first discovered them, Sir James Ross so that's why they are called Ross seals.
This is another specie of seals and it is the Ross seal.Ross seals are not seen often because they live deep in the water.The size of it is 2.4-2.6M,females are slightly bigger then a male but there's no big difference. The Ross seals appearance is just brown-silver colour all over all over and black eyes.It would normally eat squid but sometimes they eat fish and krill.
Shags are birds that live in Antarctica.These birds primarily[mainly] eat fish.They catch it by diving into the water.This bird is about the size of a pelican.These birds appearances are black all over on it's back,white on the front,a bright yellow or orange beak and black eyes.
Gulls are sea birds.They are one of the antarctic birds.This birds appearance is normally coloured all over with one colour,white or grey,they normally have some black either on their head or wings and yellow webbed feet and they are about the size of a sea gull.These birds have stout[short and wide]yellow bills.Gulls eat fish,insects and sometimes other birds.
15 Animals that live in Antarctica.

Now I'll give you a brief summery about what animals I've talked about.My topic was about 15 antarctic animals and I've spoken about the
Adelaide penguin, chinstrap penguin,Gentoo penguin ,emperor penguin, Orca[whale],blue whale,Black Browed albatross,elephant seals,Weddell seals,Leopard seals,Ross seals,Antarctic shags,Wandering albatross,gulls and the snow petrel.D
uring my presentation I hope you've learned something new or interesting and enjoyed my presentation. Thank you for listening.
Jelly fish
Black helmet
Ross seals
They are called Ross seals because they were named after the person who first discovered them, Sir James Ross.
This is another specie of seal and it is the Ross seal.Ross seals are not seen often because they live deep under water.Their size is around2.4-2.6 metre's long.Females are slightly bigger then a male but there's no big difference. The Ross seals appearance is just brown-silver colour all over and black eyes.It normally eats squid but sometimes they eat fish and krill.
Ross seals
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