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Calender - Owen Sheers

No description

Harriet Glenn

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Calender - Owen Sheers

Swallows crotchet
and minim the telephone wires,
sing volts down the line. Calender
by Owen Sheers Bees go down at the lips of foxgloves, nervous
like a lovers first time A spider has danced a fingerprint in the space between two branches.
The web could represent filling the space between two people, like it does between the trees.
The finger print represents something quite firm but also delicate like a web as it is so intricately and sturdily constructed.
It also provides a link in imagery as the fingerprint is very similar to the web. Nests clot in the veins of the tree - the rooks are a passing infection. Swallows crotchet and minim: gives the impression of music as they look like music notes on the telephone wire the bees and the flowers could represent a couple, linking in more imagery with the lips. The nerves suggest excitment or anticipation of the up and coming season. this could represent nature attacking itself as the birds are causing a negative impact on trees.
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