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Nucleus/ nucleolus/ Ribosomes

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Jason Pion

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Nucleus/ nucleolus/ Ribosomes

Nucleus/ nucleolus/ Ribosomes

Nucleus- The location of the nucleous is in the central portion of the cell. Also the nuclear envelope surrounds it in a semi permeable membrane.

Ribosomes- The location of Ribosomes are on rough endoplasmic reticulum Ribosomes which are found in many places around the cell. You might find them floating in the cytoplasm (cytosol) as well.

Nucleolus-is a non-membrane bound structure found in the nucleus of the cell
So what have you learned so far?

A structure found in most cells, it contains the
genetic material (DNA) for the cell.

From: www.becoming human.org
Nucleolus: What does it do?
Nucleus :What does it do ?
Function-tw o of the three eukaryotic RNA polymerases (pol I and III) are required, and these function in a coordinated manner.
Nucleolus- a small circular dense structure in the nucleus, manufactures ribosomes in various stages of creation.
Ribosomes - are a dust particle consisting of RNA and some proteins,
- administrative center of the cell.

They are important because they are important elements that make up a cell. They all work to make proteins.
Why are the important?
Ribosomes are basically the machinery in making proteins or like the rotating clockwork of the cell. It is the tool in make proteins. There definition said that it is the help in making them (the proteins).
Ribosomes :What do they do?
What would happen if cells did not have these things
The control system
Ohh, goody goody. Today we are having a marvels sale on this brand new product. This product is called "The Cell's Operating System". Now you may wonder, "what does this system comprise of?" Well this operating system comprises of 3 main components. First you have of course the Nucleus, then you have the Nucleolus, but of course and the Ribosomes. Now you may wonder what this system does. Gosh guys what did you guys do this morning drink a glass of good question juice. Okay anyway so this foremost operating system controls the cell. So if you got a Prokaryotic or Eukaryotic cell slap this bad boy on him and he's controlled. Any more questions?

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The nucleus has most of the
most of the genetic material

The nuclear envelope encloses the nucleus (the nuclear envelope is double layered)
Within the nucleus the DNA is arranged or organized into units called chromosomes and structures that carry genetic material. (Which is made up of Chromatin)
The nucleus also controls
how much is needed
for the cell and is

(some of the genes are located in the mitochondria
and chloroplast)
Well most of the cells would basiclly be like eukaryote and procarotic cell.
Also the cells would not know how much proteins to produce.
And to tell the cell how much it needs to complete all of it's functions.
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