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True ResLife: I'm a First Year Buff

Orientation 2013

Jeremy Moore

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of True ResLife: I'm a First Year Buff

True ResLife:
I'm a First Year

Thank you for your attention!
CU in the Fall!

And one more thing...
is here
21 residence halls, 6,500 on campus students, and memories that will last a lifetime...
Be mindful of what you bring with you.
Contact your roommate before you arrive to campus.
Have serious conversations with your roommate about your living space (i.e., cleanliness, guests).
If you are having problems with your roommate, talk to them.
If you can't work it out, ask your RA for help.
Don't make your sole judgements about your roommate from Facebook.
True ResLife:
I'm a First Year Buff
Pop Quiz:
Your New Roommate...
Have you ever shared a room with someone?


What can my RA do for me?
Someone to answer questions
Academic Support
Resource for YOU!
Looks out for your safety
Policy enforcer
Emergency responder
Community (desk) Assistant
Event planner
Someone to help you!
How do you feel about moving out of your current home into a residence hall community environment?

What activities or extracurricular involvements did you participate in before coming to CU?
Quiz Time:
Tips on living with up to 500 other buffs...
True ResLife:
Community Living
Show Video
Front desk open 16 or 24 hours
Pick up packages
Get directions
Lock outs
Check out equipment
Your Buff One Card is used for everything!
Room and building access
Check out equipment
What Else Do You Need to Know?
Clicker Question
Were you "involved" as a high school student?

Hall Council
Floor Representative/President
RHA (Residence Hall Association)
NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary)
Attend programs and events
How do I get involved in my hall?
... small
RAP = Residential Academic Program
Classes in your building
Faculty offices
Extracurricular events
Community learning

Extracurricular events
Community living and learning environment
No cost (generally)
Programming, conferences, and events
Potential for classes/academic presentations in the building
LLC = Living Learning Community
Are you going to be living in a building with a RAP (Residential Academic Program) or LLC (Living Learning Community) next year?
What is a common question RA's get in the first few weeks of classes?

A. Where are my classes?
B. I locked myself out. What do I do?
C. How do I get my package?
D. How do I do my laundry?
E. All of the above
True ResLife: Top 10 List
My Room
Talking with your Roommate
ASAP: Academic Support Assistance Program
Talk with your roommate about your study habits.
Build relationships with your professors, especially those who live/work in your building.
Talk to your RA if you are struggling academically. They can refer you to the right resource(s) on campus.
Connect with your Academic Advisor, who can help you be successful academically at CU.
Other Study Tips for the Halls:
Were you "involved" as a student in high school?

A. Very involved
B. Somewhat involved
C. Somewhat un-involved
D. I just wanted to go to class and go home
Better grades
More satisfying work experience
Develop real world skills
More likely to graduate on time
More marketable after graduation
Benefits of Getting Involved
How do I get involved in my hall?
True ResLife:
Advice from Student Leaders
Roommate advice student to student
Play video
True ResLife:
True ResLife:
Look out for each other.
Visit CUPD at police.colorado.edu or on Facebook/Twitter.
Call for help when needed.
Take note of the emergency telephones (blue lights).
Sign up for RAVE alerts.
Close your door when you're not home.
Don't allow strangers into your home.
RAs are on duty from 6pm-8am.
Safety & Security
What are all these acronyms?!?
What is a LLC?
Tips on living with up to 500 other Buffs...
True ResLife: Community Living
Research Shows:
Better Grades
More Satisfying College Experience
More Likely to Graduate on Time
More Marketable after Graduation
Real World Skills
Benefits of Getting Involved
Results from the Spring 2012 Senior Survey show that students preparing for graduation wish they would have spent more time exploring their career options, being involved with campus internships and projects, as well as campus organizations and events.
RHA Stampede Leadership Camp
Dates: Sunday, August 18th-Monday, August 19th

Deadline for application: Monday, July 22nd

Stampede is a FREE two-day leadership camp designed to share the knowledge, experience, and resources upper division students have gained from their time at CU with new students so that they may be able to inspire others within their community.
Roommate Agreements
Hall Directors
on the move!
How do I find my...
Student Groups
Resource Centers
Where to Look:
Don't forget your evening programming stamp card on the way out!
Our Alphabet Soup
LLC = Living-Learning Community
RAP = Residential Academic Program
RA = Resident Assistant/Advisor
NRHH = National Residence Hall Honorary
Will Vill = Williams Village
DORM = Dull Ordinary Room w/ a Mattress
(we prefer Residence Hall)
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