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Patterns of Land Use

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David Kim

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Patterns of Land Use

Patterns of Land Use in U.S. (p.42 and 43)
Natural Resources
Important Vocabulary
How People Use The Land




U.S Map Of Land Use And Resources
1. Land use : how the land is used
2. Natural resources : something found in nature that people can use
3. Renewable resources : resources that can be made again by people
4. Nonrenewable resources : resources that can't be made again by people or takes long time to replace
5. Land form : shape of the land (as you know)
Most people in U.S. uses land to farm.
Regions in the plain is fertile and there is enough water for crops to grow.
If it is near the coast, there are lots of fishing.
In cities, most of the land is used for housing, transportation,and businesses.
Natural resources include soil, plants, water, etc.
There are two kinds of natural resources, which is renewable and nonrenewable resources.
People use renewable resources to heat homes and fuel cars.
Today, people often make choices to conserve, or save, the resources for future generations.
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Mini Quiz
_______,bodies of water, climate, and ___________ can influence ____ ___, or the how the land is used.
Much of mining in the United States takes place in ________ region, most manufacturing takes place in or near cities.
The most popular natural resources in United States is ___ or _______ __.
It's Quiz Time!
Ladies and Gentlemen.
In the West of U.S., most land is used for grazing and mining. Small portion of forest exist. Resources such as gold, silver, copper and iron are found.
In the Southwest of U.S., people can get uranium, oil or natural gas and coal. Land is used for farming and grazing.
In the Midwest of U.S.A, most of the land is used for farming and resources such as limestone, iron, zinc and copper are found.
In the Southeast of U.S., small amount of land contains forest and most of land is used for farming and fishing. Resources such as oil or natural gas and limestone are found.
In the Northeast of U.S., manufacturing and forest covers small area and most of the land is used for farming. Lots of coal, little amount of zinc and oil or natural gas are found.
Don't cheat!
Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
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