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LMT 100

No description

Farah Wahidah

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of LMT 100

" Remember, Kevin, if you didn't get 95% or more....."
The sense of impending danger rushed upon him; it drained his mouth dry.
Limited Freedom
Unable to spend their childhood happily.
LMT 100
Individual Oral Presentation

Based on the story 'Kevin', discuss about the effect of parental pressure on children
Every parent in the world want the very best for their children.
Question 4
By Farah Wahidah Binti Fazari
What is Parental Pressure?
: an urgent claim or demand or series of
urgent claims

: relating to a parent
Need to be excellent
...she would go through the lesson slowly and painstakingly making sure Kevin understood everything perfectly.
Unable to play with friends
"..and secondly because Boon Kee is too untidy and playful and therefore a bad influence."
Unable to have things they want
"..football is too rough.."
Absolutely feared the parent.
"Kevin went pale, his jaw dropped, he couldn't believe it."
Feared The Parent
"My mother - she's sure to wallop me!" sniffed Kevin.
Disturbing the children's mental and personality development.
extreme parental pressure may ruin the children development and also their future life.
The Good Side of Parental Pressure
The children :
Lead a good life
Have a good job
Admitted to the prestigious school
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