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Greek Theater

No description

gs students

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Greek Theater

From Comedy to Tragedy
the greeks were known for inventing comedy,tragedy,and satires.
Greeks competed with each other for the title of best play. The winner would be the one with the best play and would receive a gold crown.
The Famous Greek Masks
Almost everyone has seen the greek masks but not everyone knows they were actually worn and had real purpose.
1. The audience in the back rows had a hard time seeing small facial details and so the greatly exaggerated face masks made it easy to understand the play.
2. Masks where also used to hide gender.
Men on the Stage
Most actors were men. They would use masks and dresses to cover their gender. actors in Greece rarely spoke but a choir narrated.
The Stage and Beyond
Greek stages were built on a hill side with a sage at the bottom and rows of benches proceeding up the hill. a theater was expected in every town.
Greek theater was a major part of ancient life. Even today we still see effects of greek culture in our arts. From dance to masks Greece was a prosperous culture.
Greek Theater


Dance was a big part of greek culture and art. Though celebratory dances were many and frequent (present at everything from funerals to holidays) men and women only danced together in 2 dances.
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