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Impact of Film Tourism

No description

Jocelyn Fu

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Impact of Film Tourism

Impact of Film Tourism
Need for strategic approach

The way forward:
How to manage impacts from film tourism?
Multiple stakeholder involvement!
Identify areas of concern - key issues
Strong foundation for managing impacts
Film-induced tourism is defined as a new way to activate or motivate passive visitors after watching any destinations or activities through movies or TV screens (Beeton, 2008).
Impacts on Destination
Impacts on Tourists
Impacts on
Destination & Locals
Helps destinations to create a positive image.
Economic impacts
Socio-cultural impacts
Environmental impacts

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By: Ben Hodgkins, Louree Maya, Sophie Viborg, Jocelyn Fu
Environmental impacts
Extensive ‘landscaping’
Political impacts
Government lawsuit
Economic impacts
Increased tourism revenue
TripAdvisor reviews:
Beautiful but too crowded!
Differed from how they imagined it
Littering problems
Improved facilities and infrastructure
Local traditions and values become more widely respected
Sense of pride among locals
More jobs that lead to better living standards and new skills learned
Negative impacts
Younger tourist demographic
Influx of tourists to sleepy town
Real estate prices soared
Redefined village as a tourist destination
Invasion of privacy
Noise pollution
Disrespect for local community
Inundated with "researchers"
Copyright restrictions disallowing promotion

Positive Socio-Cultural impacts
Destinations not being aware or prepared for sudden influx of tourists.
Increased traffic and insufficient parking to accommodate.
Local residents’ impacts, including issues of congestion and privacy.
Problems with maintaining tourism demand over the longer-term.

Positive Economic Impacts
Positive Environmental Impacts

By the Numbers
out of 10 Britons get their holiday destination ideas from film.

in 5 will actually make the pilgrimage to the location on their favorite film.
Free publicity of location to a large audience.
Broader visitor market which is a boost to domestic and international visitors.
Property value raised.
New business opportunities:
Organized tours
All year and all weather attractions
Promotion and the re-invigoration of a locations image
Increases income for conservation and environment leading to preservation of sites
Portrays landscape in their best form
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