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Welcome to First Church of God

No description

Emily Ploetz

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to First Church of God

What does a service at First Church of God look like?
Welcome to First Church of God
Hamilton, Ohio

From then, to now
The Leadership at Our Core
In June of 2010 Pastor Drew became our lead pastor after serving in Jersey Shore, PA for 21 years. His personal mission statement is heartfelt : make Christ real and relevant to the world.
Who We Are Now
Seek God. Share the Story. Serve the World.
When you walk into First Church, what will you find?
Our History
It all started in 1917...
Stretching out its arms, it modeled triumphantly
how a tree should be!
It grew, pulsing with vitality,
committed, dedicated to its life source.
The source of life spoke: I NEED YOU TO GO,
We are "The Tree"

In 1917, Clemma and James H. Lear started a Bible Class in their home.
Two years later, the members of the Bible Class formed a Sunday School. 45 were in attendance the first day.
Reverend L. B. Zent became the first pastor. The church outgrew the house where they were meeting, so they moved to a meeting hall at 894 Heaton Street, Hamilton.
Following Rev. C. B. McGuire, Rev. G. M. Byrd
served for 3 years. Under his leadership, the church
constructed a new building, 'the tabernacle,' at Seventh
and Chestnut Streets in Hamilton. It seated 400!
In 1929, the church moved again under Rev. W. F. Chappel,
to Pleasant and Woodlawn Avenues even though the interior was not yet complete.

After Rev. W. T. Wallace, Rev. J. W. Lykins became pastor in 1931 and despite the struggle of the Great Depression, replaced the folding chairs with pews.
In 1936, Rev. W. H. Hunt became pastor and purchased a parsonage with a parking lot. Classrooms were added, and Sunday morning services were broadcast by the local radio station.
From 1948 to 1952 Rev. W. Albert Crim served and built the gymnasium, more classrooms, and a nursery.

From 1952 to 1960 Rev. Walter R. Gatton added an educational wing so the church could serve a larger congregation.
Rev. Leonard W. Snyder served for 33 years, starting in 1960.

-Remolded the sanctuary and balcony
-Added new pews, classrooms, and more parking
-Installed air-conditioning
-The Winton Road Church of God was planted in Fairfield

-30 acres of land was purchased at By-Pass 4 and Princeton Pike: THE FOUNDATION FOR OUR CURRENT CHURCH!!

In 1994, Rev. Keith A. Gebhart became the first pastor of the
new facility.

September 8, 1996 the church celebrated under a tent on the 30 acres: the first service at the new property despite a hurricane threatening from the East Coast. More than 500 people attended!!
Kay is married to Pastor Drew, lead Pastor at First Church of God. Kay has a passion to help families be healthy.
Lia joined the staff in 2004 and has been ministering to children and their parents. She wants to empower parents to be greater faith leaders at home, and lead children to discover faith, friendship, and wisdom.
Pastor Ron has been in full-time ministry for thirteen years. His desire and prayer is to help people experience a closer walk with the Lord through meaningful, genuine worship.
First Church of God is a very out-reach oriented church. We minister through numerous mission trips (Haiti) and local ministries (Single mothers, homeless feedings, Matthew 25 Ministries, Soup Kitchens.
Kidstuff: Where kids take their parents to learn!
Uncle Henry!
Our theater
Fun worship songs for kids
Study God's Word
Youth Group!
The Old High School Youth Group Name
The Old Junior High Youth Group Name
New Combined Youth Group Name!!
Awesome retreats and outreaches!
People coming together to worship God
A congregation eager and willing to serve outside
of church walls
Pastoral Survey Results
-Baptism not a requirement for membership
*if you are saved, you are a member
-Someone may 'backslide'
*you don't lose your salvation, but digress in your relationship with God
-A woman can hold any role in the church
-Charismatic gifts are acknowledged, not stressed

What did my partner think?
What image best symbolizes First Church of God?
This stained glass window represents our past and our future. Its age symbolizes us continuing to follow God through the ages. The bright colors symbolize us looking ahead to better minister to future generations.
There it entered into a holy union with its life source,
Realizing its purpose:
To stand tall, to answer the call in total submission to the GIVER OF LIFE.
The Tree"
by: René Miller
It matters not what denomination we claim to be, what roof we meet under, or what songs we sing. What counts is the God we worship, and the people who come together to worship him. Even in the Old Testament, God was not confined just to a golden box or a special room. So why should we be? Give me a parking lot, a Bible, and at least 1 other person, and I'll have church.
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Worship video courtesy of the First Church of God praise band
Sermon video courtesy of Pastor Drew Wilkerson
Special thanks to Miss Lorie, who imparted history through her first hand records
Full transcript