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The snow goose

No description

Karlene Kerley

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The snow goose

The snow goose
The snow goose is a book and movie about a man named ryhder and girl named frith . One day frith finds a snow goose that was shot in pinion and she goes to a lighthouse where ryhder lives she knows he has a bird sangtuary .
he takes the the bird in and trys to save it he calls her in .frith thought about it but didn't no what to do suddenly she decides to .she was eager to see if the bird was alive thankfully it was.
Main characters
The main characters are rhyder, frith and the snow goose itself. My favorite character would be frith. she finds the snow goose and brings it to the old lighthouse .Rhyder is a man that everyone fears they call him names like ogre, grotesce and lots more he has a hunch on his back and crippled hand.like i already said finally the snow goose it is a snow a white and elegent bird that came from canada.
PAUL GALLICO is the righter of the snow goose and lots other books he was born in new york july 26 1897 and died july 15 1976 .His father was italian and his mother was austrian she emigrated to new york in 1895 gallicos career was launched by an interview with boxer JACK DEMPSEY!!!!! .
Im going to rate this 9 out of 10 I think it is a great book and would suitible to all readers. I would advise you to find it and read it!!!!!
Hear are some pictures of a snow goose
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