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Around the world

No description

Belén Valls

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Around the world

Around the world Where it all began Santa Cruz, Argentina The man Buenos Aires Comandante Luis Piedra Buena 1935-1936 La Quiaca 1936-1938 Coronel Pringles Villa María de Chile Santiago 1st Route 2nd Route 3rd Route 1940-1941 Iguazú Falls Trenque Lauquen 4th Route 1943-1949 destiny." take me "No one can the joy of being the owner of my own Rick Hansen "There is nothing you can't do, if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible. Diego Lamas, Luis García Albarido y Agustín García Albarido 2009-2010 Why? A.P.A.E.R Asociación Civil Padrinos y
Alumnos de Escuelas Rurales 2007-estimated 2013 Tepleela School (Bangkok, THAILAND) UTY University (Yogyakarta, INDONESIA)
School of Copiapo (CHILE) BOOKS, WEBSITES & BLOGS: http://tour-du-monde-autostop.fr facebook: Jeremy Marie facebook: Rick Hansen http://www.argentinaenkayak.blogspot.com.ar/ http://bahiasinfondo.blogspot.com.ar http://www.rickhansen.com http://www.chanaaventuras.com.ar http://vascodelacarretilla.blogspot.com.ar/ "El vasco de la carretilla" by Txema Urrutia that's why you have to act impulsively. If we were to organize we would surely think it twice, " another trip like this one, by going further on the road ... "Going further in life that is hitch-hiking." Guess who's next...
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