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The Cicero Youth Task Force

No description

Joel Wallen

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of The Cicero Youth Task Force

CYTF History
The Coalition began with the Cook County Department of Public Health and Youth in Crisis, Inc. in November 1983 and initially focused on teen pregnancy issues in Berwyn and Cicero.

Over time, the coalition shifted to address a broader youth agenda across both communities. However, given the population growth and multiple needs of each community, the Cicero Youth Task Force was created to address issues facing youth specifically in Cicero.

CYTF Highlights
Over 200 members are part of the current Task Force

Over 18,500 people involved in community assessments

$30,000,000 in new funds for youth and family services

Significant decrease in community violence and gang activity

800 more children receiving pre-K education

Thousands more parents engaged in family activities with their youth

More than 70,000 hours of volunteer investment
Current CYTF Structure
5 Committees

Early Childhood


Youth Opportunities


Parent Involvement
Looking Forward
Cicero Neighborhood Network - A United Way Neighborhood Network

Long-term community planning

Focus on collective impact
How to get involved
Attend our monthly meetings and join a committee

Encourage others to attend the meetings

Encourage deeper community involvement

The Cicero Youth Task Force
The Mission of the CYTF
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for Cicero children, youth and families by working together to provide opportunities for positive growth and development.
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