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Copy of Unit 1 1491-1607

No description

Julia Lewis

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 1 1491-1607

Why Study History?
UNIT 1 - Module 1-
1. History begins? 1491, 92, 1513
1588, 1607. Visit https://www.gilderlehrman.org/history-by-era/americas-1620.
Using the interactive timeline, describe what
happened on those dates.
2. History Is....watch video---------------------->
Take notes on why history is important.
Most Persuasive Reason for Studying history in the video? (provide support/evidence for answers)
How do we evaluate the imp. of people/events?
3. Periodization Challenges
Curriculum Framework and Themes of AP US History

4. Curriculum Framework https://sites.google.com/site/sampsonushistory/assignments

FIND: 7 Themes- Group Work Jigsaw
1 current event that matches each of the 7 themes.
"Assignment #1" (A1): List and describe Themes of our APUSH course along with a description of a recent current event that matches each theme. Place in your folder. DUE DATE:
On Your Own
1. Pre- Read Chapter 1 pages 1 - 22, answer questions on Chapter Review - "Assignment #2" (A2) DUE DATE:

2. Alan Taylor A Cultivated World http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/04/AR2005080401609.html
(A3) Article Review Form DUE DATE:

3. Watch American Pageant Ch. 1 and 2 Intro./Reviews. Subscribe to this channel. Watch video: Complete Video Review Form as "A4" DUE DATE:

4. Crash Course #1 Black Legend / Native / Spanish. Subscribe to this channel. Watch video: Complete Video Review Form as "A5). DUE DATE:

1491-1607 Contact
Unit I, Module 2
Watch Episode 1
"The People"

Examine Native American society in a particular region: Numiipu (Nez Perce), Chumash, the Dakota (the Lakota), the Natchez, Pueblo, Creek, and Iroquois (7 teams). Focus on:
Society Social Structure, political structure, economic subsistence and trade, dwellings, interactions with the environment before European contact
. Present your groups society in powerpoint or prezi format. Minimum 6 slides, maximum 10. Grading rubric includes:
Presentation Style, Quality of Information, Responsiveness to Questioning (peer grading)
. Use Grading Rubric Form for Group Activity. "Assignment 6" (A6)
DUE DATE:__________________

3. Group Discussion of all Native Americans
Beginning of European Contact
Unit I, Module 2 continued...
1. Guided Discussion on beginnings of European colonization and settlement and on the Columbian Exchange. Take notes*

2. With a partner, brainstorm the anticipated effects of the Columbian Exchange on their assigned societies (from teamwork presentation). Use whiteboards to write your thoughts of these effects.

6. Analysis of these effects on Europeans, Africans and Native Americans.

*All Guided Discussions / Lectures are located on Mrs. Sampson's website.
The Spanish and the Natives
4. Document Analysis Teamwork Activity:
Team Casas - "Read Bartoleme de Las Casas Defends the Indians". Using white board, decide what Casas' 3 main arguments were. Assignment: Submit article review Assignment #7 with you and your team's thoughts. DUE DATE:_________________
Team Sepulveda - "Juan Gines de Sepulveda Belittles the Indians". Using white board, decide what Sepulveda's 3 main arguments were. ASSIGNMENT: Submit article review Assignment #7 with you and your team's thoughts. DUE DATE:________________
Native Resistance to Spanish Colonization and Colonist exploitation of New World resources.
6. Guided Discussion Notes

Unit I Summative Exam #1
7. Unit I Summative Exam #1 (SA1) DATE:
a. DBQ
b. Short Answer Question
Unit 1 1491-1607
Content: Native Americans pre-contact and in cultural collision.
Primary Theme: Environment
Primary Historical Thinking Skill: Use of Evidence
Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Three Worlds Collide

5. Go to Mrs. Sampson's APUSH website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrssampsonsapush/apush-assignments , find the Article "Onate, Juan de". Read the article. Prepare for next guided discussion on the relationship between the Spanish and Natives.
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