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Tangerine Analytical Essay

No description

Nataliya Prots

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Tangerine Analytical Essay

Tangerine Analytical Essay
Paragraph 1

The first choice that affected Paul was when Erik hit Tino below the ear.( Page 205) This choice was made because Tino made fun of Erik, and Erik got really mad. This affected Paul because since he didn't stand up for Tino, it made Paul feel very useless and small. Paul said, "I just stared back at him, paralyzed with fear, while the scene rolled on." This shows that even though Paul knew Erik would do something reallly bad, he didn't do anything; showing Paul how helpless and small he was.
Paragraph 2

The second choice made by Erik that affected Paul was when Erik allowed Arthur to hit Luis on the head. ( Page 247) Erik made this choice because Luis made fun of him for hitting a little kid. Paul said " I remained frozen in my spot as he got back in the Ford and drove off." Again, Paul didn't do anything about Erik's choices. The affect Luis had on Paul was really good because Luis encouraged Paul that he shouldn't be afraid of Erik. So this choice really affected Paul because it got him to think that what Luis said about Erik might be true.
Paragraph 3

The choice that afected Paul the most was when Paul figured out that Erik was the reason he was visually impared. ( Page 263) Erik sprayed white paint into Paul's eyes because he thought Paul told on his friend, Vincent Castor. This choice affected Paul because after he figured this all out in a flshback, he felt better. " I am alright. I'm more than alright. Finally." That was what Paul said after he screamed at his parents for keeping this big secret from him all his life. This choice was the most signfigant because it was the one that finally got Paul to stand up for himself. Finally.

Overall, these choices affected Paul in a positive way because they caused him to finally stand up for himself. I know this because if Erik hadn't hit Tino, killed Luis, or sprayed Paul's eyes, then Paul wouldn't have built up the courage to stand up for himself. If Erik made different choices, then Paul wouldn't have to live on the sidelines all his life. I know for sure that Erik didn't mean well because he fought kids, killed a person, abused his brother, and stole from innocent people. So overall, the choices Erik made were really bad, but the affect they had on Paul was really good.

It can take one person to change the way you think about yourself. The novel "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor is about a boy named Paul who can't stand up to his fears. All the characters in the book made very big choices, and all the choices had a consequence. Every choice comes with a consequence; either good or bad. Erik's choices affected Paul in a positive way, but the consequences for Erik's choices were not so great.
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