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SIM Information

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Fawn Medesha

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of SIM Information

Your Career. Your Organization. Your Future. The Society For
Information Management “"I enjoy participating in SIM because it focuses intensely on IT executive development and leadership. The SIM AZ chapter is a wonderful group of high quality IT leaders who are constantly sharing their knowledge, methods and innovations with each other." John Hurley, Managing Director –
Hurley & Associates Chapter meetings and partnerships allow for ongoing professional development from areas like:

Monthly presentations from local and global IT leaders on current industry trends, topics and best practices.
Partnership tools from groups like Gogo Training, a leader in IT & Management training.
Other online resources available at SIMnet.org. Professional Development “In addition to the great peer networking and professional development opportunities offered by SIM AZ, mentoring and networking with ASU IT students really makes a difference to me. The sense of community instilled through these activities will hopefully make a difference in their professional development going forward." Deborah DeCorrevont, IT Strategist –
Salt River Project Community Involvement In order for the local IT community to strengthen and grow, community involvement is critical in opportunities like:

Participating in ASU classroom instruction and projects.
Working with the Arizona Technology Council on critical IT issues.
Mentoring ASU students who participate in the local chapter.
Providing scholarships for students studying in the IT field. Join fellow IT leaders in driving thought leadership in Arizona!
SIM Arizona – www.simnet.org Registering for membership is easy. Cost is usually covered by employers.

Submit application @ www.simnet.org under “Membership”.
Select Arizona as your local chapter to join.
Receive notice from the chapter VP of Membership in 30 days.
Be assigned a SIM AZ Mentor as a new member.
Attend the next SIM Arizona event with your peers!
Bring a friend!! JOIN US TODAY! "SIM offers me an opportunity to network with other technology and academic leaders in the Phoenix metro area to discuss ongoing challenges, benchmark best practices and explore future technology strategies." Dave Kempson, VP & CIO –
Maricopa Integrated Health System The Arizona chapter of SIM is a group of 50+ professionals which meets regularly throughout the year, as well as collaborates 24x7 online.

SIM Arizona meets for breakfast and dinner events, in partnership with ASU, at the University Club. Local and industry speakers present on leading IT topics of the day with an average participation of 30-40+ local IT peers.

The local chapter also maintains an online group on LinkedIn with 200+ members. This group provides discussions on current industry trends, promotes local IT events available to members, and encourages networking and job announcements in the appropriate group sections. SIM Arizona – the local chapter For more information on SIM International see www.simnet.org The Society for Information Management is an international organization, delivering business value through IT leadership.

SIM International provides a wide array of resources to its members culminating in the premier IT education and industry event – SIMposium.

At its core, SIM is an organization of IT professionals, academics, consultants and other leaders meeting and volunteering together for networking, development and community involvement. About SIM SIM Arizona provides a number of regular opportunities for peer networking, such as:

Monthly breakfast or dinner meetings @ ASU.
Access to local IT industry shows & events like “AZ Tech Summit”.
Partnership event with HMG for “The IT Leadership Summit”.
Annual CIO employer spotlight event such as “Fender HQ” in October.
Online community through LinkedIn for past, current and prospective chapter members. Peer Networking
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