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Case Study:the River Nene Northampton

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Hind Abusnana

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Case Study:the River Nene Northampton

Changed Channel Capacity
The River Channel capacity at Upton was increased by building embankments set back 10m from the river which have footpaths along the top. They are planning to plant trees for the visual effect.
Building Above The Floodplain
Case Study:The River Nene Northampton
In 2002 at a cost of 2 million pounds, a 450m flood embankment was built in Weedon across the river valley up steam of Northampton. This meant the level of the land was raised by 6.8m. This will create a flood storage area behind the embankment. In the event of a flood, water can be stored here, preventing flooding downstream in Northampton.The embankments have been made to minimise the visual effect, and also the storage area has been developed as a habitat for aquatic flora and fauna.
The river Nene used to flood frequently at Northampton. On 9th April 1998, heavy rain caused the River Nene and Grand Union Canal to overflow; flooding parts of the town which caused 2 peoples deaths. This was a wake up call, as it was decide to manage the River Nene to protect Northampton against the possibility of future flooding. The Environmental Agency had completed a 6.8 million pound project to protect areas in Northampton hardest hit by previous flooding. During 2003 to 2007 more defense works were made in te town.
Quick Facts
The river Nene is a river that is found in the east of England. It is the tenth longest river in the United Kingdom, and is navigable for 88 miles (142 km) from Northampton to The Wash.
Wash Lands
Work on defenses around Upton, near Sixfields began in 2007.These defenses cost 8 million pounds. The aim is to create an area, called wash lands, where water can be diverted from the River Nene in a controlled way in order to reduce the risk of flooding down stream
...More Embankments...
Major roads in this area (Northampton) such as Upton (A45) are on embankments up to 6m high . Specially built floodgates join up with those embankments to create an are of open land where up to 1.2 million cubic meters of flood water can be stored during heavy rains. After the rain has passed, the gates are opened to let the water flow steadily back into the River Nene.
Uptown Square is a new housing estate that has been built just above the level of the floodplain. This housing estate has become possible to build because of the flood management of the area which has made the are safe from floods!
The Warning System
The warning system was upgraded in 2003. The environment agency Flood Warning service now cover the ares at risk from flooding. They aim to give 2 hours warning for a possible flood. A Flood Season Awareness Campaign was put into place and also there is testing in Far Cotton and St James areas.
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