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~ Classroom Management ~

No description

Erin Griffin

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of ~ Classroom Management ~

~ Classroom Management ~
What do you know about Classroom Management?
Take Aways...
Book Overview
-Perennialism: Training the will and the mind, structure, contemplation, prayer
-Progressivism: Democratic, participatory
-Behaviorism: Expecting good behavior, rewards and penalities
-Essentialism: Discipline, exposed to fundmental knowledge
-Social Reconstructionism: Climate of inquiry, community building, conflict resolution
-Postmodernism: Nonthreatening, supportive, individual choice

What philosophy do you connect your mentor teacher to?
Discussion in Groups
What classroom management skills have you seen your practicum teacher display?
Article Overview
"...You can implement strategies that will eventually allow you to focus less on managing and more on teaching."
Discipline and classroom management are not synonymous.
Standards and Objectives
Advice from the article..
Nine Pieces of Advice
1. The first day will make or break your school year.
2. Consistency is crucial.
3. Manage classroom rather than disciplining the classroom.
4. Help students contribute to a positive learning environment.
5. Use no more than five clear rules written in positive form.
6. Never embarrass students in front of their peers.
7. Build strong partnerships with students.
8. Lessons should be brisk and cues should be given to keep students focused.
9. Deliver brain-friendly lessons

Relate the philosophies of education to your own beliefs about teaching and learning
• Foundations students will be able to apply educational philosophies to classroom management.
• Foundation students will be able to evaluate effective classroom management skills after the class period has ended.
How were these management skills effective in the classroom?

Webb, L.D., Metha, A., & Jordan, K. F. (2013).
Foundations of American Education, 7th Edition,
Boston, MA: Pearson.
New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management. (Video File).
"Principal's Office: Classroom Management During Student Teaching" PDF from: Daniels, K. Patterson, G., & Dunston, Y. (2011).
The Ultimate Student Teaching Guide
. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.
Good Afternoon!
Keep desk clear of distractions
Keep phones away!
Use the paper and pencil to begin brainstorming your ideas on classroom management
If you finish early, you can flip your paper over and doodle until class begins

What are your goals of classroom management after hearing about the key ideas and advice given?
How will your beliefs affect your classroom management?
Key Ideas from Video
Don't be afraid to seek additional help
Set up daily routines
Strategies for individuals
Putting your hand up to your mouth
Strategies for classroom
Positive Narration
Quiet Coyote
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