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France - Five Themes of Geography

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on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of France - Five Themes of Geography

France - Five Themes of Geography
Definition - A description of both physical and human characteristics that makes a place different from the others.
Definition - An area in which people live based on things like religion, language, climate.
Definition - The way ideas, goods, and people transfer from one place to another.
Human-Environment Interaction
Definition - How people adapt/change their lives to fit with the climate or physical feature of the region.
Relative Location
Definition - The location of something on Earth determined by other things around it.
North of: Ile Saint-Louis
South of: Goutte d'Or
West of: Rue de Charonne
East of: Montparnasse
Absolute Location
Definition - The exact position of something on Earth determined by a grid system of imaginary lines (latitude and longitude).
Capital City: Paris, France
Absolute Location: 48N, 2E
Physical Feature
Verdon Gorge: The Verdon Gorge, in south-eastern France, is a river canyon, walked over by hikers, and protected since 1990.
Length: 25 kilometers
Depth: 700 meters
Human Feature
Disneyland Paris: Disneyland Paris was founded April 12, 1992, located 32 km east of the center of Paris, and is the most visited attraction in all of France and Europe.
Physical Region
Land + Climate: France is the largest country in western Europe, France also has a range of landscape (mountains, rivers, etc.).
Coverage: 248,573 square miles (643,801 square km).
Human Region
Language: Everyone in France speaks French (besides some tourists/visitors). Also, the French are very proud of their language.
Main Transportation: Buses/Trains
Body of Water: English Channel, etc
Major Exports: Machinery, aircraft,
iron, automobiles, etc.
Known For: Wine
Major Language: French
Common Communication: Cellular
telephone (59.84 million, 2011)
Adapt + Depend
We adapt to the climate by wearing/buying clothes that are appropriate for the weather (coats, hats, shoes, sunglasses, etc.).
We depend on the environment for fresh water, food shelter, etc.
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