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Hercules: The Hero's Journey

No description

Lisa Sterner

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Hercules: The Hero's Journey

Test, Allies, and Enemies
Though Phil puts Hercules through a series of tests his real tests are the ones given by his biggest enemy and uncle, Hades. The only people that Hercules should trust at this point is Phil, Pegasus, and his family.
Approach to the Inmost Cave
Hercules must now fight another obsatcle. Hades has taken Meg and Hercules must pick between Meg and his super human powers.
The Supreme Ordeal
The Call to Adventure
Hercules father tells him that he is not his biological father and this pushes Hercules to go and find out who and what he truly is.
Meeting with the Mentor
Zeus, Hercules biological father, send him to Philoctetes or Phil as he prefers. Phil is a old hero trainer that has never succeeded with a hero before. He pushes Hercules.
The World of Common Day
The movie begins with showing where and how Hercules lived as a child/teenager. His mother, father and him live in a small town and Hercules is often the outcast because of his unnatural powers. He does feel like he belongs.
Hercules: The Hero's Journey
Refusal of the Call
The only time Hercules really refuses his call to adventure is when his stone father comes to life and almost scares him to the point of leaving.
Crossing the First Threshold
When Phil finally thinks Hercules is ready to show his Heroic skills he comes face to face with his first enemy and in this world is also where Hercules meet Meg.
Hercules puts himself in great danger going up against Hades and the natural disasters that are destroying everything in their path.
Reward-Seizing the Prize
Hercules defeats Hades and also saves Meg from her death.
The Road Back
After Hercules finally defeats Hades he still has to go after the disasters that are still heading up to Mount Olympus to destroy everything and the one monster in the real world.
Threshold Crossing- "Resurrection"
Hercules has finally found who he is and is deemed hero. Everyone truly loves him and this is what he has always wanted.
Return with the Elixir
Even though Hercules was given the chance to be a God he went with his heart and returned to be with his love. He did what he wanted to do. He is finally free.
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