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Kelsey Schultz Catlin Martin Brianna Bluette Jonae Williams

kelsey schultz

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Freshwater-Dams

Double click anywhere & add an idea Hydropower is fueled by water, so it's a clean fuel source. it does not pollute the air. relies on the on the water cycle,which is driven by the sun, thus it's a renewable power source Freshwater - Dams By: Jonae Williams & Brianna Bluette produce no air pollutants that cause acid rain and smog hydropower is the least expensive renewable source hydropower accounts for 70% of produced electricity in the northwestern United States Pros Pros:
Dams can store rain water or water directly from the river itself.
Producing Power
Controls flooding & provides recreational activities such as boating fishing and swimming.
Very few breakdowns
Can break in a massive flash flood.
Expensive to build.
Disrupts natural seasonal changes in the river Kelsey Schultz Catlin Martin Yes this can be used in bowling green because we have rivers/lakes we can not do this at BGHS unless we have a river/lake which i dont think we have at this school.
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