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Going on a Learning Walk

No description

cara bruder

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Going on a Learning Walk

Going on a
Learning Walk... Student Questions:
What might you ask? Presented by Ellen Bruder
Organized visits to a school's learning areas to focus on:
-How teachers teach
-How students learn Why? What are the purposes of Learning Walks? What occurs after a Learning Walk? What is Reflective Questioning? If you could change one thing
about your school,
what would it be? Focus in on certain instructional principles to improve teaching such as:
-Questioning strategies
-Classroom management
-Differentiated instruction
-Wait time
-Classroom ecology Allow for Reflection What are Learning Walks? A way to initiate dialogue about improvement in teaching and learning
A way to look back at what happened
A way to look at what you learned
A way to look forward and anticipate what's coming up Educators, as well as researchers, recognize that the ability to reflect on teaching is the mark of a true professional To develop a learning community
To develop a deep understanding of teaching and learning
To develop a shared vision of every child in every classroom to meet or exceed high standards
To assist in "coaching" for improved practice
To reflect on professional practice
To gain new insights and understanding The observers will debrief immediately after the classroom visit.
Observers should come away with ideas, strategies, and/or techniques that can be used effectively in the classroom and a deeper understanding of how to improve instruction
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