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What is an Interactive Notebook?

Interactive Notebook Instructions

Sarah Lokey

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of What is an Interactive Notebook?

What is an Interactive notebook? Supplies Left Side Student Output
Lots of Color

The brain remembers things in color better.

Concept Maps
Reflective Writing
Data and Graphs
Data from Experiments
Cartoons or cartoon strips Right Side Teacher Input/Content
Blue or Black Ink/pencil

Information given in class
Lecture Notes
Lab Activities
Video Notes
Textbook Notes
Procedures for experiments
Classroom Specific Information The Left side is "Learned" for the student. This is the side that the student can use to show the teacher their creativity.

The Right side is “Restricted” and contains teacher guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on the Right side “A Bit More On The Left” REFLECTION:
What are you curious about?
What would you like to test?
What was the main idea?
What are the important details to remember?
How does this relate to your life?
What don’t you understand? RULES-Maintaining the Interactive Notebook No ripped out pages or torn corners and no carvings or rips in the cover.
Extend the page- if you run out of space on a page don't turn the page
No doodling that doesn’t relate to SCIENCE notes
Notebook should only be used in Science Class. (No other classes!!)
Date and number each page
Contents up to Date Your Brain OUTPUT
Student's Interpretation) INPUT
(Notes from Teacher) Interactive Notebook is a tool used daily to strengthen student learning of curriculum through increased student participation.

This style of notebook uses both left and right side of the brain hemispheres to sort, categorize, and be creative with newly attained knowledge. what do students need? How is the interactive notebook organized? Why are interactive notebooks so important?
Students use both visual and linguistic intelligences
Notetaking becomes an active process
Notebooks help students become systematically organized
Notebooks become an individual portfolio of student learning
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