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Automobility (Pg. 149-150)

A breakdown of Nayer's breakdown of automobility in relation to packaging.

clay dawson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Automobility (Pg. 149-150)

Automobility (pg. 149-150) Most visible form:


are but one INSTANCE of AUTOMOBILITY Present area of focus is the


of automobility
Automobility is better undertood as

"a complex insterlocking system involving
cultural views,
social conditions


elements are involved in a dynamic relation How is automobility packaged? in which well... by "plotting, combining, conflating, and negotiating

those elements which impact everyday life in crucial ways". What forms can it be "packaged" in?
What is the DISCOURSE of automobility? technical magazines (Autocar)

advertisements for specific models

reports and advice found in newspaper columns

car scenes in films etc... often packaged in ways so as to encode
-notions of power
-cultural identity
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