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Lovetopia <3

No description

Marisa Forrest

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Lovetopia <3

Lovetopia <3 Government Lovetopia is a judicial branch so we will make our own law but they will enforce them by the police department. our leadership will be decided by voting.our society have rules and if these rules are broken you have to pay, the rules are no killing(yourself), animal abuse,no gang violence,no bullying,no drinking and driving,excessive bail, no fake anything(shoes,Clothes) Education The subjects that will be taught in our society, Lovetopia will be math, reading, writing, language, history, science, health, art, theater, cooking, music, weight training, dance, advanced geometry, chemistry, and algebra 1 and 2. Ages 5-16 (17) will attend school. The grades will be K-11 but 12 is optional. In Lovetopia students will attend school 6 days a week, 4 hours a day. None of our schools will have uniform. Our schools will be sponsored by restaurants and fast food places and our teams will be sponsored by Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Under armor. After school programs, clubs, and other activities will be the special features. Employment Money in our society people will be paid at the beginning and at the end of the month.its up to the people to make the money last until the next paycheck.our currency is called yagor and its monetary value is equal to two Us dollars. when people lose their job/houses they will be a place that will house them until they find a job and get back on their feet,but they have to put great effort to find a new occupation and it is strictly prohibited to fake job loss. Outside Influences We grown our own crops and raise our own livestock.there will be a limit of ten trading sessions every two days. cargo will be inspected for threats or false items,the weight limited for each trade session is around 2,500 pounds.We accept just about anything such as fruit,vegetables or any other basic crops, we accept other live stock that we don't already have.Lovetopia accepts other people visiting our society but must go by a whole body check and bag check Responsibilities Kids are responsible to attend school until at least 16 years of age.kids will have to take all classes required for their careers.Kids are allowed to get a job at the age 13.at 15 they are allowed to get a car and license will be required.they become legal at the age 16 and take responsible for themselves as a young adult.adults will be responsible for there own money and should not go to jail more then 7 times in there life.there not allowed to drank until the age 19.ID's will be provide at the age of 18.elderly will not be able to drive by the age 65.the elderly thats retired will aslo be called in a group meeting to discuss how to make our society better Transportation Cars that run on solar energy, boats, bikes, skateboards, horse back, and hover cars will be our transportation. Lovetopia does not have any cars that run on gas because we are trying to keep our society clean as possible for public transportation we have subways and tolley and our speacial means is subways,roads,ocean and rivers Recreation\Entertainment in our society we will have lots recreation and entertainment. we will have basketball for the youth and the adults. our national basketball team are the lovetopia cougars. we also have baseball, track, boxing, tennis, soccer, swimming, and football programs for the youth and adults. we will do community service so we can keep our society clean. we will have a club so we can keep young adults of the streets help them become better people. we will have food drivers and charity funraiser for the less fortunate. In Lovetopia we will the main jobs you need in a healthy society which are , Military, Fireman, Bankers, Doctores, Police, Farmers,Scientist,enginners,Judges, Lawyers,Fishermans, Lumberman,Truck Drivers, Deliveryman, Cooks, Clerks, Cashers and Insurance agents.Every job will have a different time period in hours of work and also will need to go to that school for a certain amount of time for that specific job. Our society will not be like anthem and let the highest pick our jobs, we will be able to choose for ourselves. We will train our young people in special courses to help them with the jobs they want to do.
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