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Value Based Recruiting for the New Experienced Economy

Recruiting over view

Stephen Cassidy

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Value Based Recruiting for the New Experienced Economy

Value Based Recruiting
for the New Experienced Economy
"foot in the door"
feature selling is dead!
have I got a job for you!
I would like to meet you and learn about your firm, position and you.
we are the best...
what are we paid to do?
You can get information with the click of a mouse
Google, Wikipedia, News
Social Sites, LinkedIn and Facebook
Web site, LinkedIn & Facebook Co. pages
to know me is to sell me!
what's in it for them?
Client focus
it's the process/experience they are buying!
Our Business
Feature Recruiting
Value Recruiting
amount of work
amount of work
10 to 14 weeks
4 to 6 weeks
Economic Drivers
how do clients make money?
how we make money?
cycle management
self awareness
The Process
sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, verify
client interviews
The Cycles
The Value
"cheeks in chairs"
"30 min.s or it's free"
"15 min.s save 15% on Car Insurance"
Invited to Client Picnic
build relationships
persuade prospects
research, question, qualify
manage expectations
close & follow-up
the object document
"A" "B" or "C" client
70% perm work load
30% contract work load
manage expectations
a managed process to hire!
What do our clients value?
Created and Produced
by Stephen Cassidy
how well you met their needs.
the level they enjoyed working with you.
how well you met activities and sales goals.
your attitude & your results.
measure it!
grow revenue!
trusted partner
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