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Evaluation - q6

No description

Lewis Brown

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation - q6

Double click anywhere & add an idea What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? (Me using Photoshop CS4) InDesign CS4 Photoshop CS4 Blogger Canon 1000D I had never experienced anything like InDesign at all before, and found it very interesting to use. I was lucky enough to be provided with some instructions and tips on the program before I started using it, so this really helped. It felt like a really unique and great experience to be working with the type of resources that the experts use. I will admit, at first, I wasn't very good at using InDesign at all! However, as I began to find out new aspects of the program, such as threading text boxes - everything started to piece together. I was expecting InDesign to be more complicated than it actually was, but the simple process of adding textboxes, shapes and images was of no worry. I really enjoyed using this kind of Photoshop, since the only type of program similar to this that I have ever used before is Paintshop Pro. As I felt really comfortable using Paintshop Pro, after using it for a few years before AS-level, I was worried that the program I would be using at college would completely confuse me. Nevertheless, I found tools such as the magic wand and blemish remover still in Photoshop, with the layout being totally familiar. New aspects of media studies that I picked up whilst using Photoshop included placing text partially behind an image, adding glows/drop shadows effectively and gaining new knowledge of font websites such as www.dafont.com, where there is a massively broad range of different styles. I picked up techniques such as resizing an image, rotating images/text and changing the layer orders quite early on. Much like InDesign, Blogger was totally alien to me before I started this coursework. In fact, I was oblivious to the mechanisms behind any blog site at all! However, when it came to using Blogger, I liked how I could keep myself organized and keep track of the dates in which certain posts were published. Throughout my tasks of using Blogger, I have realised that it is an incredibly good site for pooling together of various bits of information. For furure purposes, I may use this site as a personal tool to keep certain homeworks I have completed saved in chronological order, or other important documents, as back-up copies. I am fortunate enough to own an SLR camera, so used this to take many of the pictures involved in my coursework. I thought this was handy for me, as it meant I did not need to think about booking cameras out from college or the worry of taking them home so that I restricted someone else from using the equipment. In regards to what I have learnt with my Canon in this project, I became aware and made use of the continuous shooting setting, so that I can take multiple pictures of a scene - one after each other very quickly. This enabled me to get a selection of similar images so that I could identify those that had most potential. My contents page was created
from using InDesign. My front cover was created from using Photoshop. My Blogger homepage.
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