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First Conditional

No description

Jascha Zaehringer

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of First Conditional

First Conditional
what might happen in the Future
and how do you react on it
Must be particular
Basic Structure
The first Conditional consists of
If + present simple + will + Verb
For Example
If it rains tomorrow , I will look TV
Two Structures
Result If Condition
If Condition Result
Will you look Tv , if it rains tomorrow?
If it rains tomorrow, will you look Tv?
If we wait longer , we will be late
First Conditional
Created by Jascha Zaehringer
If you win, you will be happy

If you don't win, you won't be happy
What is it
You can also use can, may or shall instead of will
If he ______ (play) football with us, we ______ (win) the game.
If I ______ (not/study), I ______ (pass) the exam.
I ______ (not/go), if you ______ (not/come) with me.
If you ______ (not/go) to the party, I ______ (be) angry.
If I don't leave now, I ______ (arrive) there at 8Pm.
She ______ (stay) in Berlin, if she ______ (get) the job.
If I ______ (go) out tonight, I ______ (go) to the cinema.
If he ______ (come), I ______ (be) surprised.
I ______ (come) early, if you ______ (want).

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