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Other Cultures

Cluster One and Two Revisin April 2010

Nicky Shelley

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Other Cultures

There is a reason that the poems are in this section of the anthology - DIFFERENT CULTURES compare AND contrast them similarities differences WHAT are they about?
HOW are they written and structured?
WHY were they written - what is the effect on the reader? WHERE are they set?
WHERE is the poet from?
WHAT do we learn about the cultural setting? Do you know the poems? similarities Differences Poem 1 Poem 2 Nigeria's Civil War and Military Dictatorship? (could the same be said of our society?)
'the earth is the earth is the earth' links which two places?
Assumptions about Glasgow?
'Another day' where? Where would he rather be?
A shanty town in Mumbai?
The end of Apartheid?
The war that lost a culture?
Changing culture creates tension.

HOW? WHAT? WHY? Insight, personal perception,
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