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CHAPTER SUMMARY of Ms. Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children

No description

Hayden Matthews

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of CHAPTER SUMMARY of Ms. Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children

Jacob and his father take a ferry to the island of Cairnholm. Jacob asks the captain of the ferry if he knows where the house his grandfather lived in is located. The captain seemed confused, but gave him the right answer and mentioned he shouldn't go alone. That night he and his father learn a few facts about the island and go to bed early. In the morning Jacob tells his dad he is off to go find this mysterious house. His dad reminds him not to go alone. After a while he finds two guys around his age to escort him, but they only go so far. He goes the rest of the way by himself and decided to lie to his father about going with other people. When he gets to the house it's destroyed. Some walls were down and it was becoming covered in trees and shrubs. He wanders around and finds nothing of importance, just some toys from long ago. Now he is extremely confused about what happened to his grandfather.
Chapter 5
Jacob returns to the house and does some re-examining. He finds a trunk full of old pictures of peculiar children that match the ones his grandfather had shown him so many years ago. After a while he heard a girl's voice. It was a girl from the pictures. She ran away quickly and Jacob followed as long as he could. She placed her feet just right in the bog and only her footsteps had remained. He walked into the bar to discover his father wasn't there and it was no longer a hotel. He left and the girl he followed found him. She was questioning him about what he was. In the house, he found himself tied up and a bunch of children deciding what he was and how he was linked to his grandfather. The date was September 3, 1940 and he was confused as ever. Eventually Jacob hears them say he is a wight and he's not from a different time loop, but the future.
He goes back to his dad who is sitting at the bar, one of the only places on the island conveniently located by where they are staying. They have a talk about the bad side of his grandfather, but Jacob barely believes a thinig he's told. Afterward Jacob stomps out of the bar. He wanders around and finds a museum. Once inside a curator, Martin, shows him a case and tells him a poem he wrote about the "bog boy." He asks if he knew anything about the house. Martin turns him toward his grandfather who tells him the house was destroyed by bombs. He also said that a young man, Jacob's grandfather, asked for a boat to the mainland. Jacob woke up to noises that turned out being a Peregrine Falcon flying into then out of his room. This makes him realize he gave up way too soon.
Yakob ( Jacob) is a teenager going through tough times. He is working in a family owned business which he hates. He gets a call from his grandfather about a bunch of crazy happenings. Once he gets there to look around he goes outside and finds his grandfather almost dead
covered in blood. His grandfather whispers something about monsters and a letter and peacefully dies. He shines his flashlight around and catches a glimpse of something even he can't explain, then blacks out.
A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. And a strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children who once lived here—one of whom was his own grandfather—were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a desolate island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.


Chapter 6

In chapter six, Jacob, Emma (the girl), and Millard (a friend of Emma's), return to the house. Once there the headmistress wants to speak to him in private. Miss Peregrine introduces herself and tells him he has seen her before. They exchange stories of the past and a little from the future. He learns that in the time loop the house is in it is always September 3, 1940. After eating dinner with the peculiar children, he and Emma head baack so Jacob could tell her about his grandfather. When his grandfather was younger he and Emma were in love. Once he left the home he never communicated with them again. Emma and Jacob said goodbye and Jacob stepped out of the loop back to where he was. When he gets back his dad interrogates him and makes him speak to Dr. Golan over the phone.
Jacob explains his nightmares about the creatures. A police officer brings a sketch artist to their house to draw the creature he keeps claiming to see. His parents take him to a psychiatrist, Dr. Golan, to who he explains his nightmares and thoughts on his grandfather's last words. He finds a letter from Miss Peregrine, dated in 1940, and speaks to his doctor about visiting the island to see what he could do to figure out his grandfather's message. Eventually he, with a little help from Dr. Golan, talked his parents into going for a few weeks with his dad.
As soon as Jacob wakes up he tells his dad he is going to the other side of the island and that he will be back for dinner. When he gets to the house Emma pulls him to sit down and watch the show the peculiars put on showcasing their powers. After the show he and a few of the children talked for a while. He and Emma walked to the bog and said their goodbyes. Jacob returned to his time and his dad had been looking for him. All the men on the island, for the most part, were being questioned on who killed a bunch of sheep. Jacob was the prime suspect, but eventually was let off the hook because they blamed two other teenage troublemakers. He fell asleep thinking of Emma.
Jacob returns to the house and is given a lecture from Miss Peregrine about discussing the future with the children. He meets Enoch and his power is to take non-living things and make them living by using real hearts. He tells him
about Victor and after discovering he is dead, Jacob finds Emma's diary in the next room over. He read a little bit, but Emma caught him and they ended up in a heated discussion about his grandfather. They planned to meet later that night to talk when everyone was asleep. A weird guy was in Jacob's time now. His dad was getting a weird vibe from him, especially when he ordered raw steak. A while later Jacob returned to the time loop to talk with Emma. They went over to the water where it was more private. Emma explained that non-peculiar people couldn't travel through time loops. They smoochy smoochy and you knew it was love. Also that his grandfather had a special talent, to see the monsters.
Emma and Jacob return to the house and Ms. Avocet (an ymbrine like Ms. Peregrine) is there. She is very ill. She tells Ms. Peregrine that wights (the monsters) came and abducted another ymbrine. The children went to bed and Jacob talked to Ms. Peregrine about what the wights wanted to do and how they disguised themselves. Jacob mentioned that a new arrival on the island seemed suspicious. Afterward Jacob went back to his time. He spoke with his father and told him to keep his distance from the weird guy that had just arrived in town. He wanted to tell his father why, but he knew his dad wouldn't believe him.
Miss Peregrine keeps the house under a lock down mode. The children aren't allowed to go out because of the dangers of the monsters. Jacob is stuck deciding whether to stay with the children or his time for the rest of his life. Horace, one of the peculiar children, had a nightmare that may or may not come true. Back in Jacob's time a murder was committed. Martin was fished up in a net and was pronounced dead. Once the children and Miss Peregrine hear about this, some of the children along with Jacob decide to sneak out to ask Martin what really happened to him. The children going were Emma, Millard, Bronwyn, Enoch, and Jacob. They leave the house and enter Jacob's time to go find Martin in the freezer he is being kept at. Within a while they succeeded and Enoch took one of the sheep hearts he had brought. After a few tries with a few different hearts Martin came to life. They asked Martin who killed him, but Martin was hard to understand. Eventually they found out that a hollowgast (hollow) did this to him. Someone appeared behind them, a wight. Jacob discovered this wight had been following him his whole life. The wight was his bus driver and psychiatrist, Dr. Golan, just to name a couple. The wight called his friend, a hollow, and tried to defeat the children with it. Luckily the children escaped okay at the moment. Later on they split up and Jacob kills it. When the children arrive at the house they see that the loop hadn't reset and the wight took Miss Peregrine and her friend, as birds, as well as trapped the rest of the children in the basement. The team of children who were out before left again to save the ymbrines. They find Golan on Emma's boat in the middle of the water. After a tough battle of Golan shooting and hitting Millard, Jacob and Emma go to finish him off. Jacob succeeds and now they must find where the ymbrines were thrown. They find the ymbrines, but also run into another wight who tries to kill them. All of the children get to safety. When Miss Peregrine tries to change back to a person she can't.
When everyone gets to the house they have to figure out where the wights are taking the ymbrines. Horace draws a place that he saw in his dream. It's very vague, but it's something. Emma took out a map of different time loops to try and find out exactly where to go. Jacob returns home in the morning for a short while to tell his dad where he has to go. He wrote a letter, but threw it out because his dad would never believe such a thing. His dad walked in and they start talking. His dad yelling more and more with each thing Jacob says. Surprisingly Emma, Olive, and Millard come to help Jacob with the explanation. They show their powers and his dad just goes to sleep because he thinks he is dreaming. Emma leaves him proof they were there. They all go to the time loop and take the photo albums on the boats they are taking to track down the wights. All of them row into the sunset.
(This is what it says on the back )
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