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Sir Tristan/Tristam

No description

Timothy Ho

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Sir Tristan/Tristam

Sir Tristan His other names include
Sir Tristam
His Name means "sad man" Son of Rivalen lord of Armenye, and Blancheflor There are several adaptations of the names of Sir Tristan's Parents such as his father.
In the Prose Tristan he is called Mediadus of Leonois. While Malory's version called Tristan's father, Meliodas of Liones or Lyonesse
Sir Tristans mother died during his birth
He went under the service of his uncle Mark
Trained by Governal (Gorvenal) in art, music and fighting
He deafeted Morholt of Ireland and was poisined
In the process of him trying to heal himself from the poison he met his love Iseult (Isolde) (Isolde the Fair)
Sir Tristan falls in love with Iseult (Isolde the Fair) during one of his trips. The next time Sir Tristan visits Isolde he is supposed to bring Isolde to his uncle Mark for marriage

During the trip they find a potion and drink it it turns out to be a love potion. When they both drink a love potion they fall more in love with each other. When they arrive back Isolde is married to Sit tristan's Uncle mark. Marrage
Sir tristan is eventaully married to Isolde of the White Hands
She is not the same Isolde that Uncle Mark is married to
Sir Tristan is eventually married to Isolde white hands
She is not the same Isolde that his Uncle mark is married to Sir Tristan fighting
Marholt of Ireland Major Knighthood events Marraige -sir tristan rescues a knight from nine other knights. He then finds out it is Sir pladames his rival for Isoldes love. They agree to fight at a certain place and time. They both arrive and fight Sir Tristan than finds out that he is fighting Sir lancelot
-When sir tristan finds out it is Sir lancelot they both kouyney to camelot and is made a knight of the round table by Arthur. Lovers His early life Sir tristan Sir Tristan troughout the King Arthur Movie Sir Tristans Death There are two variations of Sir Tristans death
In one variation Sir Tristan is wounded and sends for Isolde the fair to heal him.
His wife Isolde of the white hand is jealous of his love towards Isolde the fair that she tells him that
her boat arrived on the horizon with black sails which meant that she was not comming to save him. Stricken with grief he lost his will to live and died when Isolde the fair arrived she saw him dead and she then also died.
The other vaiation is during a battle with the saxons and Cerdic the leader of the saxons fought and killed Sir Tristan in battle.
Holy Grail Quest Sir Tristan did go on the Holy Grail quest. Before he went on the quest he thought that he would not be able to achive it because of his affair with Isolde. During the quest he came across a shining castle which was sorrounded by a enchating sound.This persumably was the Castle where the holy grail was kept. But as he approached the castle he was pushed back and kept him from reaching the caslte. So Sir tristan came close to achiving the grail but was pushed back because he was not pure enough Sir Tristan is also known as a boat in the RFA of the british
Interesting enough the boat is classified as a Round Table class landing ship logistics.
The boat was commisioned into the RFA in 1967. In 1970 it was bombed interestingly enough along side the boat Sir Galahad. The boat was later extensivly rebuilt and was deployed in the gulf war and participated in the invasion of iraq. His Parents:
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