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Central Africa!!!

No description

A Lykim

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa!!!

Central Africa Region
by Amy & Ryan PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY CLIMATE: The average temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit. Most of central africa has 80 inches of rainfall per year. Hot, dry winters; hot, wet summers. landforms: The mountains in Central Africa are in the western edge of the region. There are mountains, plateaus, and deserts.
Locations: Chad, Central African Rebublic, Cameroon, Malabo, Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) (20 degrees East, 0 degrees South) Traditonal People of Central Africa Most of the people in Central Africa Are Christians or believe in other traditional religion. In Chad, most of the people are Muslim. Village Life-most people in Central Africa are small farmers. They live in small homes built with concrete and clay. in the farm, families raise chickens or goats. Men hunt deer or monkey for food. CULTURE IN AFRICA In Central Africa, there are mostly males singers and are very popular .
There are many African-English Literature. Most of the books are published in Zambia and Malawi.
Metalwork is very popular amoung Central Africans. They are used for weapons, farming, tools, and cermorial objects. Most metals that are used are iron or copper.
Masks and Masquerades are popular in Central African tribe. Maskers are normally men. Masquerades are secret societys widely known around Central Africa and thier people.
There are many different marrige customs in Africa. Polygyny is when a man man may have more than one wife. The reason for polygyny is beacuase of the high infant mortality rate in Africa. Normally, women often are married during thier young teens. Some parents have thier children in an arranged marrige. An arranged marrige is when your parents plan who you are going to marry. Goverments in Central Africa Chad: Republic
Central Africa Replic: Republic
Congo: Dictatorship
Cameroon: Republic
Gabon: Multiparty Presidentail Regime Mbuti
Cozi Tribes in Central Africa We think that Central African people are not having problems right now. All the need to do is probably distribute more money and food for people who need it. Probably they are getting into technology more and getting more used to it. Maybe in the future Central Africa will be more modern and have lots of tourists!!! Visit Central Africa? Personally, me and my partner don't want to visit Central Africa because of the economy and the tribal customs. We think that the economy isn't equally distributed throughout Central Africa. There are cities and countries with enough money to support everyone, but there are some that don't have any money. Also in these tribal villages there are probably not enough food and medical care for everyone. Much of Africa is third world countries and isn't simple like going to the beach. People live in broken shacks and tents. There is hardly any food or water to support some natives. It may also be hard to find resources in Central Africa. Plus, I don't think you want to go to a new country and offend someone or show disrespect. I would rather stay in my home where I know everyone and I'm used to the surroundings. Citations www.cia.gov www.go-passport.grolier.com I personally think that the goverment in Central Africa is ok because the cities and economy are fairly good. Around Africa there are some schools that are run down and broke. Also sometimes there are not enough text books for all the students. Even childern have to go out and work in the fields. In Africa there are some cities and towns that have fresh water, food, and safe shelter. There is also some towns that do not even have some of those basic essentials. Why don't they try to distribute the money and have more projects to help all of central Africa. Maybe in the future there will be no poverty in the world and everyone will be peaceful, but right now we have to focus on the present.
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