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BBC iPlayer in google chrome

Using Proxy Switchy to setup proxys for internet browsing

Matt Rider

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of BBC iPlayer in google chrome

How I get bbc iPlayer with Google Chrome First we start with a google chrome extension called
Proxy Switch the link to this extention below
this document here is the options window you can find this menu by clicking on the icon that appears after you install proxy switch Go to proxy-list.com to find a list of different proxies that should work with proxy switch Next we need to find a proxy to work with proxy switchy Don't be allarmed if the proxy you first try doen't load anything...or does load things but REALY slow.That happens...just try a different proxy * Time to Switch between proxies Click on the Globe icon to get your drop down menu Then you can select between either your direct connection, or the configured proxys That is all you realy need to know for a single proxy at a time configuration. So if thats all you need, then you are done But if you wan't more we will keep going Introducing
Auto Switch Mode Auto Switch mode lets you have multiple tabs with one or more using different proxies Say you have one tab that is loading...say the BBC iPlayer which unfortunently you have to be in the United Kingdom to access.
But you also are working on your e-mails and desinging a tutorial for someone...and you wan't the fast internet with out the proxy Lets start configuring Go to Options and then Switch Rules tab What I did is told anything from bbc.co.uk to use the bbc proxy Don't forget to save Finaly we turn on Auto Switch And Thats It
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