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Praveen Narra

No description

Naren Reddy

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Praveen Narra

Praveen Narra
Mission: Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more
Company Research Presentation
Redmond, Washington,
United States 98052
Vision: Reinvent productivity & business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, create more personal computing
Integrity and honesty.
Passion for customers, partners, and technology.
Open and respectful with others and dedicated to making them better.
Willingness to take on big challenges and see them through.
Self-critical, questioning, and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement.
Accountable for commitments, results, and quality to customers, shareholders, partners, and employees.

No. of Employees: 118,000
Revenue : 93.58 billion USD
Name : Satya Narayana Nadella
Title : CEO
Moved Microsoft's database, Windows Server and developer tools to its Azure cloud. The revenue from Cloud Services grew to $20.3 billion in June 2013 from $16.6 billion when he took over in 2011.
Function : It is engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing, and supporting a range of software products and services
Software and Hardware
Opportunities :
Role: Premier Field Engineer - Windows Azure Developer

1. The definition and implementation of the support services required to win in the developer and enterprise market place.
2. Resolving customer issues including complex technical scenarios integrating several on premise and cloud capabilities (Windows, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric, etc.) and scenarios supporting the service such as service availability, quality, outage management, subscription management, correlation of usage and charges, and cost efficient solution architecture.
3. Provide critical product and solution feedback to multiple engineering and operations teams
4. Lead the integration and collaboration diverse talented teams to resolve issues with specific technologies
Interest : Working on Cloud technology is my primary aim. Personally, i have been to the headquarters of Microsoft and the work environment made me interested in the company.
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