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Introducing mobile and device messaging

Simply done.

john mcnamara

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Introducing mobile and device messaging

http://ibm.co/XI5JvM And create your own applications today. billions of
unconnected devices Today 2015 524 billion dollars
in mobile
transctions 2025 50 billion interconnected
'things' Who says? today Utility companies Now You Now Download the libraries and read the articles create your own mobile messaging apps today billions of subscribers today to mobile business Challenges Beyond An 'internet of things' is built around events Solutions Easy IBM messaging Join our IBM messaging developerWorks community!

Our community contains the libraries and articles you need to get started

Create app's quickly with our mobile and device optimised libraries! Messaging for the 21st century You can now build a
mobile app with this technology Using MQTT technology Simple API To enable the rapid development of applications The guiding principles Open standard HTTP revolutionised how
we consume data happen? how Providing reliable delivery over fragile connections Low power consumption High scalability Optimised for mobile, sensors and devices

Enabling intelligent decisions based on real events with industry leadership Event orientated model
Minimise 'on the wire' footprint
Expect network disruptions
Expect limited processing resource
Provide an open published protocol
Provide secure connections Remote pace - maker monitoring solution
Enables higher level of patient care
Provides earlier diagnosis of problems Optimising load on electricity grids Resulting in energy savings of 15-20% Through better peak load management using MQTT Thanks for watching! 2020 24 billion mobile devices do we make this A premiere social media service Why? with over 650,000,000 users - fast phone to phone communications
- sparing use of battery power
- efficient use of bandwidth Health care providers Our planet is becoming
increasingly interconnected and devices people Messaging for the 21st century
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